List of Morgan Freeman Movies on Netflix

With so many films and shows available on Netflix, it can sometimes be hard to find a film with one of your favourite actors in. This is why we’re bringing you this new section where we take a look at a certain actor and list the films on Netflix that they star in.

Freeman’s first cinematic appearance was an un-named “Man on Street” in the 1964 film The Pawnbroker. Since then he has stacked up 120 actor credits, 18 producer credits and directed 4 productions (at the time of writing). Freeman first rose to fame thanks to his role in the 1970s children’s program The Electric Company. He’s since gone on to win a plethora of awards over the years, including an Oscar.

A couple of his most notable roles were ‘Red’ in the 1994 film The Shawshank Redemption, which is often regarded as one of the best cinematic masterpieces of all time (currently available in most regions on Netflix). He is also well known for his part as detective Somerset in Se7en (available on Australian Netflix). It’d be impossible to talk about every one of his fantastic characters, so we have put a list below of all the films that are currently streaming on Netflix starring Morgan Freeman.

Complete List of Morgan Freeman Movies on Netflix

MovieDate ReleasedRegion Available
The Shawshank Redemption1994US, UK, CA, AU
London has Fallen2016US, UK, CA
Olympus has Fallen2013AU
An Unfinished Life2005US, UK
Dolphin Tale2011US
The C Word2015US, UK
Ken Burns: The Civil War1990US
Batman Begins2005US
The Dark Knight2008AU
The Dark Knight Rises2012AU
The Story of God with Morgan Freeman2016UK, AU
Ben-Hur2016UK, AU
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves1991UK
Gone Baby Gone2007UK
Now you see me2013UK, CA, AU
Now you see me 22016UK
Last Vagas2013CA
Bruce Almighty2003CA
Evan Almighty2007CA
Under Suspicion2000CA
Gone Baby Gone2007AU
The Sum of all Fears2002AU
High Crimes2002AU
Along came a Spider2001AU
Deep Impact1998AU
The Lego Movie (Voice)2014AU