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Cartoon Network has been a staple in children animation since it first started up in 1992. It’s been the source of hundreds of iconic cartoons and while not all of them are on Netflix, there’s plenty on Netflix to get through. We’re disappointed that the biggest known titles aren’t streaming on Netflix such as Adventure Time, Ed, Edd and Eddy or Codename Kids Next Door aren’t streaming but here’s our top 10 Cartoon Network picks on Netflix.

10. Scooby Doo!: Mystery Incorporated (2 Seasons)


Scooby Doo wasn’t a Cartoon Network show until 2010 after it had changed hands a few times between CBS and ABC. Although the channel shows reruns of the older shows, it came out with its own reboot of the show with the title Mystery Incorporated. A new home was also married with a new art style but kept to the same formula of hunting down the clues and capturing the bad guy. It sits alongside the two live action movies produced on the Netflix library.

9. Total Drama (6 Seasons)


Although it’d not produced by Cartoon Network it is distributed in the US through them. The Canadian show follows a bunch of characters in a reality styled TV show much like that of Survivor, Fear Factor and The Amazing Race. Each day of the 8 weeks they’re at the camp, they have a different challenge. It’s full of wacky characters and while the concept is fresh at the start, after 6 seasons the formula is well and truly worn out.

8.Chowder (3 Seasons)


Chowder only managed to secure 3 short years on Cartoon Network but those three years were a great time for the show. Created by a storyboard artist who worked on Spongbog and The Grim Adventures (sadly not streaming) it’s about a 12 year old creature who’s an apprentice to well known chef. It fuses the animation you come to expect from Cartoon Network but also deals quite often with stop motion animation too.

7. Johnny Test (6 Seasons)


Johnny Test was originally a Kids’ WB show but transitioned to become a Cartoon Network show from the beginning of 2008. The show is all about one boy and his adventures as he’s experimented on by his two older genius sisters who are able to give him super powers, special weapons but also conjure up evil villains that he must take down. Although the show is now on hiatus, it’s still much loved by its fans who are craving a seventh season.

6. Powerpuff Girls (6 Seasons)


These are probably three of the most iconic characters from any Cartoon Network show. The title theme pretty much sums up the show nicely and involves three superhero girls born out of an accidental mix of sugar, spice and everything nice along with Chemical X, their mission is to fight evil in whatever form it may come in. The show faces a lot of controversy at the moment as a 2016 reboot is on the tables and fans aren’t happy that they’re replacing this timeless show.

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