Top 10 Crime Drama Movies on Netflix

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Top 10 Crime Drama Movies on Netflix

The crime drama has been addressed from every conceivable angle by the entertainment industry. Even the idea that “crime doesn’t pay” has had the “well, actually it does” treatment in many different ways. The reality is that crime provides a cornucopia of material for screen writers and always will. We have chosen ten very different movies from the current Netflix portfolio although there are many more.

10. Turner & Hooch – 1989

Turner & Hooch

We include Turner & Hooch in our top ten for two reasons. One it’s got Tom Hanks in it and two it’s got a dog in it. This is family viewing and good family viewing at that. It’s hardly a drama, more of a comedy, but Hanks plays a cop so that’s OK. This was one of Hanks last comedy roles before setting out on his completely successful mission to win Oscars in serious roles. The ending is weak but that doesn’t detract from a nice movie

9. Gomorrah – 2008


The activities of the Italian mafia are widespread. Gomorrah is set against their complete domination of the fashion industry in Naples and flits in and out of the stories of many characters and their varying roles in the world of crime. More of a documentary than a drama (it’s based on truth) the movie was nothing if not ambitious. It fails to emulate Goodfellows or Traffic by a long distance. The message of the movie is really a simple “just say no” and we all know that. Nevertheless, Gomorrah delivers that message in it’s series of interwoven stories.

8. Brighton Rock – 2010

Brighton Rock

Brighton Rock, the book by Graham Greene is a modern classic and it was inevitable that it would be made into a movie; not once but twice. The original was a 1947 black and white and the 63 year wait for the remake allows the second version to stand alongside the original well; rare for a remake. The religious and moral agenda may disturb some people and the final scene is thought-provokingly powerful. Do not confuse the flaws in the characters being portrayed as flaws int the movie. Far from it, this is a dark and compelling piece.

7. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – 2009

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

The book of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – the first of a trilogy – is so riddled with banality that it is better watched as a movie. The first attempt in the original Danish with subtitles was hard work but a better movie; the English version is, however, much more watchable. We all like a good antihero righting wrongs and this movie delivers on all fronts. It is helped by a strong performance from Daniel Craig and, if you get into it, the second and third books also made it to the big screen.

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