Top 10 Moments From Fuller House Season 1


The new Netflix show Fuller House is a walk down memory lane. It doesn’t just touch on the old days here and there, it completely embraces its reboot roots. From the opening song (the original) to the laugh track, be prepared for corny jokes, classic catchphrases, and meta moments. Oh. My. Lanta. Be Warned: Spoilers Ahead

10. When all the old characters are back…with one glaring exception

The gang is back together again! Everyone is back and, as Uncle Jesse says, looking damn good. The twins are grown, Kimmy’s feet still smell, and Joey is still really weirdly a man-child. It’s like getting together with friends you haven’t seen forever! The only thing missing is Michelle, which gets explained with a busy fashion career in New York and a very long, knowing look into the camera by all the actors. Awkwaaard. Probably one of my favorite moments.

9. Comet has a great-granddog

PUPPIES! Need I say more? This adorable dog is sprinkled throughout the episodes and, side note, has quite an interesting trait: he’s a hoarder. (I would TOTALLY watch an A&E show featuring Comet Jr. Jr. Jr. That intervention would be epic.) We even get to see puppies in tomato soup. Have mercy!



8. The Flintstones

Remember when the gang sang the Flintstones song to pacify a crying Michelle? They’re at it again, this time to calm down crying baby Tommy. We get to see a synced split-screen version of them singing. And they still got it! Right down to the “Wilmaaaaa!”


7. That Trump Joke

We get it, Fuller House. You’re immersed in nostalgia but you’re letting us know you still know what’s what. And we love you for that.

Relax, Mom. I already know all the bad words.

Relax, Mom. I already know all the bad words.

6. When the ladies get slimed

This really takes you back! Joey is trying to teach the kids the value of fun without phones. (See, kids, in the olden days, phones were things on walls that you just talked into. We made our own fun and, oh, nevermind.) They’re pranking each other and the silly string is a-flyin’ and then…

The 90’s was all about slime. It was everywhere. Remember You Can’t Do That On Television? It was getting poured on everyone. And remember how everyone later ‘discovered’ that Alanis Morrisette was on YCDTOT? Are you still with me? Because these things are connected…



5. That Alanis Morissette Reference

D.J. and Steve are reliving the good old days when they were hottest couple around. D.J. finds her slap bracelet and Steve has Alanis Morissette “bumping” in the car. As they leave for their date, D.J. asks him if he knows who that song is really about. We’ve all heard that rumor about who Alanis Morissette was referring to when she wrote You Oughta Know. It’s the one…the only…Uncle Joey. Good one, Fuller House. I guess Larry David will be the only person who really ever knows.

Alanis Morissette Reference

4. When they bust out the New Kids dance

Right in the nostalgia! Who DOESN’T know the moves to The Right Stuff?! Yeah. That hipster over there drinking Starbucks doesn’t. Do yourself a favor: Learn it. Live it. Love it. LOVE YOU FOREVER, DONNIE!

3. When Stephanie reveals she can’t have children

Full House was a feel good show that had serious moments, too. The whole reason these people are together is because of a tragedy and every once and a while they reminded us of that. Here we are doing it all again because of another loss. We feel you, Fuller House. We feel you.

2. That Bollywood Dance

Kimmy is a party planner now. What better way to bring everyone together than an Indian themed retirement party? And what brings people together more than dance? It’s impossible not to nod and tap your toes once they start getting down.

1.When they decide to stay together

When D.J. goes to comfort her baby, she doesn’t realize everyone can hear her talking to her baby on the monitor. She confides to him that she afraid and doesn’t know if she can handle it. She’s never truly been alone. But her family is there. They hear her and they make it work to be there for her. After all, isn’t that what family is all about? (No. I am NOT crying! I just have something in my eye! Seriously. Leave me alone!)