Top 10 Shows Netflix Should Revive In 2016

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Netflix is undoubtedly for the people. It does what many networks don’t do: listen. Because of this trait, Netflix has been the saviour of television series that’ve seen the axe over the years and give them a new lease of life. It’s happened a few times before with Arrested Development and Longmire being the standouts from this revival campaign. This means that when a show faces the chop people turn to Netflix to revive their show for a second, third or fourth season that their show desperately needs.

This list isn’t formulated by our opinion but the opinions of the thousands of fans of these shows who have taken to to request their shows get a revival, specifically on Netflix. The shows are ranked according to the number of supporters they have.

10. My Name is Earl

Total Supporters: 1,592


When the series finished in 2009, fans were distraught with the cliffhanger that was left with us from My Name Is Earl. The show ran for four years on NBC before getting the chop and even after the long period of nothing from the show, fans still are pushing for a definitive final season for the show. As with Longmire, most fans of My Name is Earl are only looking for a better ending than the one they were left with.

9. Dallas

Total Supporters: 1,799


This isn’t a campaign to revive the original 80s Dallas, but the reboot that ran over the past few years. With just under 2,000 signatures, the campaign tries to invigorate the TNT series, which fell to the wayside after 3 seasons. It was primarily based on the 80s show, and many fans believe that TNT wasn’t the network on which it deserved to be.

8. Dominion

Total Supporters: 5,538


Only in the past couple of weeks has the campaign to save Dominion, the sci-fi series cut short by its network, Syfy, achieved a lot of success. This is certainly a niche TV series, but the number of fans pushing this campaign has achieved a lot of success in a relatively short space of time.

7. Chuck

Total Supporters: 7,533


The campaign to revive Chuck is probably one of the most humble ones and is yet another casualty of NBC’s library. It has been running for a couple of years now and still gains traction every month, with more supporters trickling in. The final line in the main campaign on is quite defining for Chuck’s history: ‘Chuck has beaten tougher odds before.’

6. Person of Interest

Total Supporters: 14,165


Let’s be clear here: Person of Interest isn’t necessarily cancelled, and another season is currently set to air in 2016, albeit with a half-baked season. The campaign is for CBS to allow another broadcaster, including Netflix, to pick up the show.

5. Avatar

Total Supporters: 32,918


A massive fan outcry has called for Netflix to revive the classic Nickelodeon animated series Avatar without mentioning the live-action movie for Avatar because it was appalling. With an article on BuzzFeed helping to boost the stats, the campaign now sits at over 30,000 signatures, calling for Netflix to gain the rights to Avatar.

4. In The Flesh

Total Supporters: 42,423


In the Flesh is a British TV show, so it’s surprising to see it so high on Netflix fans’ agendas. In the Flesh fans hope that Netflix will follow suit with their acquisition of Black Mirror earlier in the year. In the series Kieran Walker returns home after being turned from a mindless zombie into a functioning member of society. It’s a program you’ve never seen anything like. It criminally only had three episodes.

3. Stargate Universe

Total Supporters : 97,322


Just shy of its 100,000 target is Stargate Universe. The campaign pleas to Netflix to bring the series back. This is the second Syfy series to be featured on this list, but with substantially more backers on this show.

2. Hannibal

Total Supporters : 100,305


There are several campaigns on to bring back Hannibal, with one of the biggest followings, which makes up most of the supporters, being at 85,000. While that campaign isn’t directly targeted to Netflix, it still has many fans in the comments asking it to be. The show was short-lived, once again on NBC, and with a great cast and solid source material, it begs the question as to why it was canned in the first place.

1. Forever

Total Supporters: 107,150


The number of requests we’ve had to ask Netflix about reviving Forever is astonishing. The long campaign, which has been active throughout most of 2015, is dedicated to bringing back Forever, the short-lived ABC show about a doctor who is trying to figure out why he’s immortal.

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