Top 10 TV Shows from the 90’s on Netflix

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The 90’s is back it seems! Many networks, including Netflix, has gone back to the 90’s to look for the next big thing for their viewership. Netflix has opted to give a reboot to the loved Full House in the form of Fuller House that launched a few weeks back. Fox has given a new lease of life to The X-Files and Showtime choosing to revive Twin Peaks back from the grave.

In the spirit of going all 90’s, we’re taking a look in the Netflix catalog today for 10 of the best TV series that are streaming on Netflix that were big in the 1990’s.

10. Bill Nye, The Science Guy (1 Season)


Let’s kick off with a Disney legend now and not one that would immediately come to mind if you mentioned Disney. Bill Nye had a real nack during the 90’s at teaching science to kids in a fun manor. He alone inspired a generation of learners and thinkers and while is somewhat relevant at the moment, the 90’s were his big years. You can watch the entire collection of Bill Nye, The Science Guy right now on Netflix.

9. Family Guy (13 Seasons)


Like many other animated shows on Fox, they kicked off or had their big breaks during the 90’s. Family Guy is one of the few shows of this nature actually on Netflix but that’s a great win for Netflix. The show kicked off in the 1999 is is created by Seth MacFarlane who actually voices many of the characters in the show too. It’s still running to this very day and has grown mass appeal. It’s all about a dysfunctional family living in a modern environment only with a talking dog and a mastermind baby.

8. Twin Peaks (2 Seasons)


Twin Peaks sadly only ran for one season in 1990 before ending in 1991. This was an injustice to such an extent that it has taken a two decade long campaign to get a revival and it’s finally happening. Showtime has announced a new season will be produced for release in 2017 which means there’s never been a better time to get in on the action. The crime mystery drama involved us following a murder of a young woman who came from a rather strange town.

7. Buffy The Vampire Slayer (7 Seasons)


Buffy holds a special place in many peoples heart. The series ran between 1997 and 2003 and is probably one of the most loved Vampire series of all time and almost definitely had an influence in spawning a decade of Vampire crazed teenagers. 7 seasons of the show ran with industry heavyweight Joss Whedon behind the show. In the show, Buffy takes on vampires and other demonic creatures freeing the world of evil.

6. Frasier (11 Seasons)


The 90’s was the decade for sitcoms there’s little doubt about that. Not all of them are streaming on Netflix but we’re glad that Frasier is streaming. Moving back to his hometown, Dr Frasier is forced to work with his father .

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