Top 15 ‘The CW’ TV Series on Netflix

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10. iZombie


This is probably one of The CW’s most unique shows that The CW has produced as it doesn’t fit into either a teen drama, a teen horror or a super hero show. iZombie is all about one succesful high flyer who attends a party only to return as a functioning zombie. She gets a new job where she aids the police because she retrieves the memories of victims after eating their brains. It works surprisingly well but that’s most in part to the fantastic performance by Rose McIver.

9. Hart of Dixie


Hart of Dixie is a feel good show that is likely to get any out of a bad mood. It’s a comedy, drama, romance and medical drama all rolled into one and it’s delightful. Rachel Bilson stars as a New Yorker who moves to a small town to take up a new job only to find out that the guy who gave her the job has died and left her with his practice. The show is available on Netflix in full and ran for 4 seasons.

8. The 100


The 100 is The CW’s foray into the world of sci-fi without the aid of superheroes. The story tells of an earth that’s been uninhabited after hundreds of years as humanity now lives in space. 100 criminals, all under 18, are flown down to earth to see if it’s inhabitable once again. Its cast is filled with newcomers but that plays to a massive advantage for The 100 as the other production values gives the stars room to flourish their characters.

7. Gossip Girl


Much like 90210, if you’re not a fan of watching rich people do rich people things, then Gossip Girl won’t be for you. The teen romance is all about a bunch of teens living in a highly privileged estate in the upper east side of New York but runs into trouble when they find a blogger is tracking their every move. We recently did a post about all the other titles you should watch if you love Gossip Girl.

6. Reign


Many of The CW’s takes us to a dystopian future or keeps us firmly in the present but Reign is one of the few that takes us centuries in the past. The historical fantasy romance takes us back to 1557 and gives us an insight to the politics of that era. It’s all about keeping other families happy and has generally been well received from critics even if some consider its sexual content a little over baring.

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