Top 15 ‘The CW’ TV Series on Netflix

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5. The Flash


Newest to the growing list of DC Comics shows on The CW is The Flash. It tells the story of how a young boy has his life turned upside down after he’s struck by lightning and as an effect, now is able to run really, really, really fast. Season 2 is currently on the airwaves right now but we can’t wait to see this spectacular DC Comics series advance.

4. Gilmore Girls


Gilmore Girls is in the news once again. Can you guess as to why? Because it’s being revived as a Netflix Original! That’s really exciting but you cannot forget its beginning as a CW show. Starring Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, it’s all about one mother and daughter who live in a fictional town called Stars Hollow and having to survive the struggles of modern day living.

3. The Vampire Diaries


The Vampire Diaries is a massive show. It didn’t strike me how big the audience was of this show until I started this site all those years ago. It’s popularity is unprecedented. This, along with our number 2 pick, really catapulted vampires and demons into the cultural limelight that it’s enjoyed over the past decade. It’s a supernatural drama but make no mistake, this is clearly aimed at teenage girls because of focus on the relationships. This may be offensive but the best comparison I have is that it’s the TV series version of Twilight.

2. Supernatural


Narrowly missing out on our number 1 spot is Supernatural. The show is well into its eleventh season which for any show to last that long is an impressive feat. The brother duo hunt demons and other supernatural beings to continue their fathers life long work. Again, there’s plenty of importance placed on romance here too but it’s still one of the best shows on TV right now.

1. Arrowarrow-netflix

Arrow wins this list narrowly just because of the truly diverse characters and beautifully realized world that they’ve developed here. Arrow is a super-hero show all about one playboy millionaire who takes it upon himself, using his exceptional bow and arrow skills along with his stealth, to go full vigilante and help rid the city of crime. Of course it’s never that simple. It has plenty of crossover with The Flash too so there’s plenty of reward for watching both series.

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