Top 15 TV Series Coming to Netflix in September 2016

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top-15-tv-series-netflix-september-2016September 2016 is set to bring us so many treats as we start the long and tedious run up until Christmas. We’ve always said that the biggest two months for growth and renewals in the Netflix catalogue is September and October and Netflix are spoiling us in September. Breaking tradition, where we usually highlight all the best new stuff in our coming post soon, we’re going to make a top 10 list because we simply didn’t have enough time or space to put in all of our top picks for next month.

Even covering the top 15, we’ve still left out some great shows such as the returns of the like of The Fosters, Scream and Wallander. We’re also getting seasons 1 and 2 of the now defunct Galavant.

15. Portlandia (Season 6)

Comes to Netflix September 24th


Our favorite oddballs are back for season 6. They’ve led to a new wave of content being snapped up Netflix from the IFC channel that it airs on. Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are back for another season of wacky sketches and skits all set up to inaccurately represent the people of Portlandia.

14. Bones (Season 11)

Comes to Netflix September 22nd


The penultimate season of Bones will be joining us towards the end of September. The FOX series which has been on the air since 2005 will start to wind down its show which has surpassed 234 episodes. There are lots of different crime dramas out there meaning the water is quite muddy when trying to choose a new one. With Bones, they focus on the forensics side of crimes.

13. New Girl (Season 5)

Comes to Netflix September 20th


As you’ve probably figured by now September is the month where lots of FOX shows get their updates on Netflix. Next up in our top 15, is the comedy sitcom, New Girl. Season 6 of the show starts airing towards the end of September so you won’t have that long to catch up with all the shenanigans happening at the house.

12. Luther (Season 4)

Comes to Netflix September 17th


Among the British dramas heading our way in September, Luther is among the finest. Idris Elba, who’s taken over Holywood recently with his appearances in Star Trek and Beats of No Nation, returns to his first real big role. The actor has recently teased a fifth season but like most British television, we have no idea if and when it’ll actually happen.

11. Longmire (Season 5)

Comes to Netflix September 23rd


Although it’ll be Longmire’s fifth season, it’ll only be the second time since Netflix took over the development of the show and we’re so glad they did. Although A&E decided that the series shouldn’t go on Netflix clearly saw otherwise. The slow yet heavily focussed character building in Longmire is what will keep you coming back week after week.

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