Top 15 TV Series Coming to Netflix in September 2016

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10. Heartland (Season 7)

Comes to Netflix September 1st


I never realised how many people loved this show. The Canadian CBC show has 9 seasons under its belt but has been slow to release each season on Netflix for no apparent reason. Well the churn continues as we’ll be getting the seventh season added to Netflix on September 1st.

9. Family Guy (Season 14)

Comes to Netflix September 25th


Along with the other Fox shows, Family Guy will be returning to Netflix. Season 14 continues Family Guy’s run up to its 300th episode. Season 14 includes the likes of Quagmire being outed as a Korean soap star, Chris being a registered as a sex offender and Peter getting the drinking aged raised to 50.

8. The Blacklist (Season 3)

Comes to Netflix September 7th


The Blacklist is one of Netflix’s most expensive buys in recent times. It has cost them over $1 million per episode and while some will question the value in the show, others can’t wait for the yearly updates of The Blacklist. We’re back once again with season 3 and Raymond Reddington’s list continues to provide names for global criminals that are on the most wanted list. Season 4 is just around the corner so it’s time to catch up!

7. Penny Dreadful (Season 3)

Comes to Netflix September 17th


Penny Dreadful is also a brand new addition to the Netflix library in 2016 and will see its third and final season added to Netflix midway through September. It’s sad to see Penny Dreadful go especially given the strong premise and cast behind the show.

6. Narcos (Season 2)

Comes to Netflix September 2nd


Of all the things we know about the second series of Narcos, the most important is that Pablo Escobar must die. The first series took us up to the point of Pablo breaking out of his own specially built prison. He’s now on the run from the authorities and his time is running out.

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Top 15 TV Series Coming to Netflix in September 2016

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