Top 20 Shows Netflix Should Revive in 2017

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Each year, we take a look through the graveyard of dead shows that still have hundreds of thousands of fans around the globe wishing that a network like Netflix would pick up. In this list, we’re going to look beyond just the shows that were canceled in 2016 but to the last few decades and pick out some popular picks for Netflix to pick up next.

The reason as to why most people look to Netflix to pick up their shows is for several reasons. One is that Netflix has been pretty good a picking up shows so far including the likes of Arrested Development, Fuller House and Gilmore Girls. The second reason why Netflix is such a target is that they don’t pay as much attention to viewing figures as much as an advertiser driven network. It means they can take risks with lesser consequences which is what many on this list pose.

As always, we’ve included a poll on the second page of the article and we also invite you to let us know which shows you want revived in our comment section at the bottom.

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20. Spartacus


Looking back at Spartacus you really understand how big the show truly was. Each season was named differently and it ran for three seasons before being canned and each of those was only a miniseries. We know Netflix has done big budget shows with Marco Polo but with that canceled could Spartacus take its place? It’d be a great substitute I think most would agree.

19. Home Improvement

Netflix has revived one of the great 90’s sitcoms in the form of Full House but many of our Facebook fans seem to think that Home Improvement should be the next show to be revived from that era. The show saw Tim Allen bring one of his stand-up routines to life and the result is an instant classic. With Tim going onto perform in major big budget movies, a revival seems unlikely but at this point, even a special would be welcome.

18. Parenthood

The Odyssey made a great case for Parenthood being revived saying that “with its complex characters, suspense-filled storylines and casual references to great music the show quickly became one of my favorites, and I wish we could have gotten more than six seasons with the Bravermans in all their chaotic glory.”

The show managed six seasons which compared to some of the other shows on this list is quite respectable. Fans still believe that Parenthood needs to come back though and it’s a perfect fit for Netflix.

17. Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars has already been revived technically with a successful crowd-funding campaign managing to produce the 2014 one-off movie for the crime detective Veronica Mars but for most fans, that’s still not enough. The series is still much loved to this day and clearly a lot of fans would either love another movie or a full-fledged series that will take us back to the town of Neptune.

16. Freaks and Geeks

Speaking of Full House, half the charm with the Fuller House remake is able to see the cast years after the first show finished. Our Facebook fans think it’s also time to have a reunion of the Freaks & Geeks shows which wrapped up in 2000. Many of the shows stars have become superstars with Seth Rogan and James Defranco key standouts. It’d be awesome if it followed the lead of Fuller House and even American Pie and have a reunion.

15. Girl Meets World

When we asked our Facebook fans which show they’d like to be revived many of them pointed towards a Disney Channel show which is rare. It’s rare because Disney normally runs their shows for a really long time but that wasn’t the case with Girl Meets World. While Netflix does have a good selection of children’s titles, it’s still a little lacking.

14. Jericho


Jericho was truly a great show, it managed to keep your suspense as well as realistically depict what might happen if major cities were bombed. The final few episode and especially the final episode left the door wide open especially since there was an unreleased version that left the door even more wide open.

The chances of a revival are slim given the amount of years the shows been off air but still it’d be great to see how they could develop the show as it really started to hit its stride.

13. Futurama


Netflix already has one of the smartest animated sitcoms of all time in the form of Bojack Horseman but let’s be honest, it still doesn’t compare with the likes of Futurama. The Fox turned Comedy Central show was renowned for its writing and genius plots and we think it’s time for a full revival rather than the half-assed attempt for its first revival.

What are the actual chances? Fairly slim but not impossible. Most of the cast haven’t got full time jobs which would get in the way and we know that the team behind it can work with another owner so who knows.

12. Containment (CW)


This very short-lived show only saw one season on The CW with the network citing it was a limited series, and that was how it was supposed to be. Fans of the show disagree though and think there’s still plenty of room for expansion, and with Netflix’s snuggled up relationship with The CW in 2017, this could theoretically happen.

In the meantime, though, Netflix has recently released 3% that is very similar in premise, and of course, Between will be up your alley too.

11. Firefly

You simply can’t have a revival list and not include Firefly. The criminally short sci-fi series has spawned a generation of sci-fi fans which people 13  years later are still asking for another season. Although the likelihood of it happening, particularly if it was going to retain the same cast, looks less likely each and every year.

Most of the cast have gone on to full-time projects especially the director who is now one of the biggest directors in Hollywood. Honestly, we don’t think Netflix would pick up the show at this point, but we can dream, right?

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