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top-25-netflix-originalsWhat a year 2016 has been for Netflix Originals and since we’ve last put out an update on the top 10 Netflix Originals the library has grown substantially. So this year, we’re adding an additional 15 titles to the essential watch list for those wanting to see every Netflix Original out there that’s worth watching. We’ve included the best series, documentaries and original movies on this list so there should be plenty for everyone.

As of June 1st, we’ll be updating this month monthly to reflect titles that have arrived or have been updated.

25. Fuller House


This series revolves around one mum (D.J) who is left to take care of her three sons. One big family who are joined by D.J’s sister and her best friend, who also has a daughter of her own. All these women have their own complications, but D.J must decide if she is ready to start dating again after the death of her husband. All characters have to adapt to a new life and the adults in particular must strive to balance family and jobs.

24. Grace and Frankie


They say opposites attract and that you must always expect the unexpected. Well, Grace and Frankie sure weren’t expecting they’d become friends. When their husbands announce that they are in love, Grace and Frankie are forced together and have to work out a new way of life. Netflix is home to two seasons of the show, which features a retired cosmetics mogul and a quirky art teacher.

23. Lilyhammer


Welcome to Lillehammer (or is that Lilyhammer) the Norwegian town which former New York Mafia second-in-command Giovanni “Johnny” Henriksen has been sent too. Johnny is on witness protection after testifying against Aldo Delucci, the head of the mafia, who planned to have Johnny killed. The show revolves around how Johnny adjusts to his new life in Lillehammer, whilst bringing his mafia roots along for the ride. However, when Johnny’s past catches up to him, the citizens of Lillehammer might just be caught in the middle.

22. Cuckoo


Welcome to the Thompson household, where the sitcom Cuckoo takes place. After Rachel, the Thompson’s daughter returns from her gap year having married Dale “Cuckoo” Ashbrick – a drug-taking, unemployed, life-loving, American. The chemistry between Rachel’s father Ken (played by Greg Davies) and Dale (played by Andy Samberg) is incredible to watch. Fans of The Inbetweeners and The Lonely Island, mustn’t miss out on this show.

21. Team Foxcatcher


David Schultz was an Olympic wrestler. The documentary Team Foxcatcher tells the story of David’s tragic murder and the events that brought John du Pont to pull the trigger. John du Pont created a training camp for Olympic athletes but he befriended one man in particular. The show aired on Netflix on the 29th April.

20. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


She’s cute. She’s slightly clueless. She’s weird. But she is Kimmy, the woman who is ready to take on the world after being kept in a bunker for years. Netflix has aired two seasons of the show, which follow Kimmy on her quest to experience new things, find her Mum and also get the right job. Her friends are just as quirky, with Titus the drama queen, Lilian the crazy landlord and Jacqueline who is finding out what it’s like to live without money. Kimmy learns the true natures of life and what it’s like to fall in love.

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