Top 25 Netflix Originals on Netflix

19. Marco Polo


The early years of Marco Polo meant that he was taken prisoner by Kublai Khan and so he must learn about the politics and culture in the court. With mixed reviews from critics, it seems Marco Polo still has interesting characters and intriguing performances. It was premiered on Netflix in 2014 and was written and created by John Fusco.

18. Beasts of No Nation


Where there is war, there is always revenge. Agu is a young boy who watched his family die right in front of him. He ran away and managed to go far enough so that he wouldn’t be caught too. Well, not by the same men. Although this is quite a sad film, it’s definitely worth the watch because Agu’s journey is one that you can never forget. It’s about friendship, family and learning that life can be violent.

17. The Fall


In Northern Ireland, Superintendent Stella Gibson must investigate a string of murders in Belfast and piece together what really happened. With a serial killer on the loose, detectives must pull together with Stella to make sure that the killer cannot get away with what he has done. Young professional women are targeted and it’s up to the Metropolitan Police to build a case against the man who undoubtedly ends up taking a fate he did not expect.

16. The Seven Deadly Sins


Some of you may have had some experience watching anime, some may not. However, this series brings together action, romance and sexual humour. When her kingdom is taken over, the princess ventures out to find evil knights to help her take back what’s rightfully hers. So if you’re looking for something a little bit different than usual, this is definitely one to consider. It’s got all the feels of the action we all seek and want to get in to.

15. Bojack Horseman


BoJack is an anthropomorphic horse who can speak English and is a former 90s sitcom actor. Since he realised that show business is not all it’s cracked up to be he’s become a bitter, self-loathing alcoholic. How does he rescue his washed up career? He writes a tell-all autobiography, dictating his thoughts to his ghostwriter Diane. With plenty of celebrity cameos, black comedy and satire, this one is not to be missed.

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