Top 25 Netflix Originals on Netflix

14. River


John River is a police officer. A pretty good one, too. There’s just one problem about being involved in murder cases: they come back to haunt you. While working on investigations, River has visions of the dead. So who really is this detective and who is trying to cloud his judgement?

13. Peaky Blinders


If you haven’t already watched the first two seasons of Peaky Blinders, you might want to catch up on Netflix before the next season comes out soon. Each season goes on for six episodes and the first season begins at the end of World War l in Birmingham in 1919. Based on the real Peaky Blinders gang, the series builds up to the rising of the gang and their experiences thereafter.

12. Sense8


Eight people. Strangers. Brought together by a strong connection to each other, firstly with a vision. They have the power to feel one another’s thoughts and actions and now it’s time for them to find out what’s going on. There’s just one problem: they’re being hunted down. This gripping and dark series will keep you feeling tense and in suspense.

11. Chef’s Table


This documentary showcases some of the most talented chefs. In the first season we see the passion that world-renowned chefs have and this popular documentary has been renewed for further seasons on Netflix. The second season will stream on the 27th May, the third season later on in 2016 and season four 2017.

10. The Killing


Cliff hangers are sometimes hard to handle. This was the case for many after the third season of The Killing, which lead to it’s apparent final season. One dead girl found in a trunk. Her killer is on the loose. A family must deal with the grief and a detective must get to the bottom of things. This chilling series will have you watching for hours.

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