Top 5 Matt Damon Movies on Netflix

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Top 5 Matt Damon movies on Netflix

Matt Damon is an incredibly successful movie star with lots of action movies and dramas under his belt plus a memorable cameo in Team America – MATT DAMON! Given his recent movie Jason Bourne is about to release in the cinemas, we thought we’d dig through the catalogs of Netflix in the US, UK and Canada to find his best movies streaming.

Without further ado, here’s Matt Damon’s top 5 movies on Netflix.

5. Elysium (2013)

Available on Netflix CA

elysiumThe year 2059 and humanity is divided between two worlds, Earth where most of the citizens live in poverty and the privileged live on Elysium a luxurious space station where there is no poverty, no war and no illness. The main man Max De Costa played by Matt Damon works on at Armadyne Corp, a company who supply Elysiums weaponry.  After being rescued from an industrial accident at the factory Max is told that he only has five days to live until his body will succumb to radiation poisoning.  This means only one thing for him he needs to find a way to get to Elysium where he can use a med-bay that is capable to heal any disease and save himself. With the help of Spider and backed into a corner Max agrees to take on a daunting mission and if successful will not only save his life, but could bring equality to the polarized worlds.

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4. Ocean’s Thirteen (2007)

Available on Netflix CA

oceans-thirteenDanny Ocean and his crew are back for the third installment of Ocean’s Thirteen.  Old time casino legend Rueben Tishkoff decides to open up a casino, unable to have the funds to do so on his own he goes into partnership with the devious Willie banks, which ends up seeing the poor Rueben in hospital after he is loses all his money and goes into cardiac arrest.  Gathered around his bedside are his loyal friends who plan on getting their own back and sabotaging the opening of the new casino, payback at its best.  Matt Damon is back again playing Linus Cladwell, the son of a legendary con artists and wannabe kid struggling to be taken seriously by the big boys but it seems safe to say he is a lot more likable and funny in this last installment.  With his prosthetic nose and his seduction scene at the end, it was hard not to laugh at the man.

3. Rounders (1998)

Available on Netflix US

roundersMatt plays reformed gambler Mike Mcdermott in this 1998 crime drama/film.  Mike promises his girlfriend that his gambling days are over after losing a poker game against the Russian Gangster Teddy ‘KGB’, and gets a job as a delivery driver to make ends meet whilst still continuing at law school.  Until the day his best friend Worm is released from prison and they decide to have a dabble that evening to celebrate.  However, Mike is unaware that Worm owes a lot of dodgy people money and unluckily becomes his co-guarantor and unfortunately for Mike when the pair are caught cheating in a game which leads his so called best friend Worm to do a runner. Mike has to once again play with the big boys and his nemesis KGB.  This time he cannot afford to lose.

2. The Martian (2015)

Available on Netflix CA

the-martianWhen a team of astronauts are relentlessly blown off planet Mars, they leave behind Mark Watney (Matt Damon), presumed dead after a ferocious storm hit the planet. Left with insufficient supplies, Mark must apply his knowledge to survive on the bitter planet. Concurrently, NASA and a team of international scientists work tirelessly to bring him home, alive. Meanwhile, his fellow crew members come up with their own secret plan for a gutsy rescue mission.

1. Good Will Hunting (1997)

Available on Netflix US, CA and UK

good-will-huntingIn 1997 the world was introduced to Ben Affleck and Matt Damon when the film Good Will Hunting was released.  Written by both of the men, the film went on to win the Golden Globe award for Best Screenplay.  Matt plays Will Hunting a troubled young janitor from Boston who works at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Growing up as an orphan in various foster homes.  He is also a mathematical genius with a photographic memory who likes to solve maths problems that Professor Lambeau leaves on the chalkboard at the MIT.  For the students these problems are too difficult to solve but for Will, it’s easy-peasy.  The film also stars the late Robin Williams as Wills psychologist and of course Ben Affleck as Chuckie, Will’s best friend from childhood who pushes him to use his genius to get a better life.