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Hospitals and doctors as a rule of thumb in life are things you tend to stay away from. Yet there’s a massive pull when it comes to watching a good medical drama. In this top list we’ve looked over all the medical related shows and picked out our top 5 medical drama picks many of which featured in our top 50 TV series list too. We’ve got some surprises here as well as a couple you may have not known about. Either way we hope you find your next medical drama binge from this list.

5. Private Practice (6 Seasons)


Up until this curating this list, I wasn’t even aware that this show even existed. The ABC medical drama ran from 2008 and closed its doors in 2013. It was a spin-off of another title that’s thankfully already on this list at ABC and we hope you can already guess which title that is. Private Practice gave us an insight as to what went on at the Seaside Wellness Center as well as an expanded look into the life of neonatal surgeon Addison Montgomery. It was generally liked by the public at the time but still wasn’t enough to keep it going and ended up being outlived by its original series.

4. Scrubs (9 Seasons)


Although many would argue that Scrubs peaked quite early on in its life cycle it’s still one of those shows we think will hold up for decades to come. In the show, you’ll follow John Dorian as he begins his internship at Sacred Heart Hospital as he learns about the job and all the ties that comes with it. The show had a mixed history with it swapping networks from ABC to NBC that only could prolong Scrubs life a few more seasons. It had an impressive cast and ran for a total of 182 episodes, all of which can now be found streaming on Netflix.

3. Nurse Jackie (7 Seasons)


Nurse Jackie is a more recent addition to Netflix with the entire collection being added towards the tail end of 2015. The Showtime show was one of the networks golden gems in its crown that pulled in big numbers for the network. Running from 2009 to 2015, the show focused on a drug addicted nurse who battled to keep her secret safe at a busy and hectic operating hospital in New York. Alongside that she had to deal with a lot of personal issues that continuously seeps into the workplace.

2. Grey’s Anatomy (11 Seasons)

greys-anatomy-on-netflixIn case you haven’t figured out yet, the show we were referring to in number 5 was of course, Grey’s Anatomy. The show that’s still going strong to this day focuses on the life of 5 interns along with their supervisors in a busy hospital. It’s a battle of trying to maintain personal lives and relationships while having to work long and often strenuous hours in the hospital. It’s one of ABC’s biggest rating shows and is currently now into its twelve season which is impressive for any show.

1. House M.D. (8 Seasons)


Like Nurse Jackie, Doctor House is addicted to drugs but his circumstances are a little different. Dr. House was involved in a gun violence accident causing him to require the use of a cane and is addicted to pain killers to relief him of his pain. His job is heading up a special unit of doctors that treat illnesses that no other doctor or nurse can attend to. He’s erratic, funny and the show has more charm than you can shake a stick at. Although each episode conforms to the same format every time it somehow never gets old. It’s one of the best shows on Netflix and that’s why it tops this list. Hugh Laurey knocks it out of the park in this one.

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