Top 5 Series That Netflix Shouldn’t Have Been Cancelled in 2017

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Netflix has cancelled a lot of shows in 2017. We’ve picked out the top 5 series that Netflix shouldn’t have cancelled. 

Obviously, not all were Netflix’s decisions themselves with outside factors affecting the streaming services ability to renew but that means little to the fans now without their beloved show not returning in 2018 and beyond.

The top five positions were chosen by our readers in the What’s on Netflix 2017 awards. The battle for the top two positions was furious and we commend both avid fanbases for taking part in our poll. We’re also tracking all canceled Netflix shows too so keep an eye on that page as we update it constantly.

Here’s a rundown of the five series that shouldn’t have been cancelled in 2017:

5. Bloodline

Number of Seasons: 3
Date Cancelled: September 14th, 2016

Although the series did progressively get worse throughout each of the three seasons, it still had plenty of potentials. The series was produced by Sony Pictures (they also produced The Get Down) and as a result had a massive budget to boot which was one of the reasons cited for the cancellation. The series featured strong characters but many felt season 3 was a bad ending for the show and had much further to go.

4. Haters Back Off!

Number of Seasons: 2
Date Cancelled: May 24th

The Youtubers transition to Netflix seemed to make a lot of sense and the first season apparently delivered the numbers for Netflix. The second season didn’t however and even though it improved on the format massively from season 1 Netflix decided to can the show back at the beginning of December. A massive fan outcry has since erupted on the internet. There is good news as the star can still be found on Youtube albeit in smaller chunks.

3. The Get Down

Number of Seasons: 2
Date Cancelled: May 24th

The extravagant music-drama was the brainchild of Baz Luhrmann and his style seen in his films before it carried over beautifully. Although the reasons for the cancellation seems mutual (unlike some of the shows listed) many are ultimately disappointed that it’s not getting a third season.

2. Sense8

Number of Seasons: 2
Date Cancelled: June 1st
End Vote Total: 31%

The fandom behind Sense8 is quite incredible. They’re a loud vocal crowd who are seriously passionate about the show and it’s no surprise. The series achieves some great heights as it employs the talent of the Wachowskis. The pair is known for their mind-bending sci-fi series The Matrix and Cloud Atlas which carried into Sense8.

It’s also no secret that the series has been one of the highest profile LGBT show too but most importantly the series had so much more to give. The only solace you can take with Sense8 is that it has been given a final episode in 2018 but that won’t be enough for some.

1. Gypsy

Number of Seasons: 1
Date Cancelled: August 11th
End Vote Total: 69%

All of the shows above managed, at the very least, to get to the second season which Gypsy wasn’t able to achieve. Although you could argue that the show had limited appeal, it did instantly grow a large and vocal audience. High profile star Naomi Watts stars in a drama which is quite unlike anything else to come on TV before it. She plays a psychologist who interferes with her client’s lives.

Reviews for the show weren’t kind but most hinted at the show having plenty of potential for the future. Alas, the show never will get a chance to prove the critics wrong and that’s why it ranks at number 1.

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