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Stephen King is an extremely well known and respected American author responsible for 56 novels and close to 200 short stories. Many of his books over the years have been adapted into feature films and TV series with a variety of success. King mostly has focused on the supernatural, horror genre and has many prestigious awards under his belt.

Below we will be taking a look at five of Stephen King’s most popular adaptations and whether they are available to stream on Netflix.

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5. The Green Mile (1999)

Michael Clarke Duncan stars as John Coffey, a convicted rapist and murderer with a special gift that touches the hearts of the Death Row guards. This three-hour epic is regarded as a cinematic masterpiece with a thought-provoking and touching story, which stays quite faithful to the original source material. Unfortunately, right now on US Netflix, The Green Mile is not available to stream. The Netherlands and Portugal on the other hands can stream the title.

4. It (1990)

Even before the recent astounding success of the 2017 film, “It”. The mini-series from back in 1990 was quite prominent in pop-culture and well know. Before Bill Skarsgård took on the role, Tim Curry was known for portraying the terrifying child-eating clown. Initially taking place in 1960, a group of kids aptly named “The Loser Club” decide to hunt and kill the mysterious entity that has been killing children for decades. The 2 part series also depicts the group’s reunion 27 years later, as they attempt to kill the monster for good. At this moment in time, It (1990) is not located anywhere on Netflix, but this might change following the release of the 2017 film. In the meantime, if you really fancy watching the old series, it is available to rent/buy on Amazon Video, iTunes, Google Play and of course Netflix DVD.

3. Carrie (1976)

Another classic horror title adapted from Stephen King is Carriewhich premiered all the way back in 1976. The film follows Carrie White, a shy and lonely student, who after being humiliated at her prom, releases her hidden telekinetic powers, to devastating effect. This adaptation was made an instant classic by the director, Brian De Palma and is a perfect horror ti get stuck into this Halloween. Netflix viewers located in both Belgium and the Netherlands are able to watch this title. But don’t be too disappointed, the film is available on Netflix DVD to rent, and on plenty of other providers like Amazon Video.

2. The Shining (1980)

Directed by Stanley Kubrick, The Shining is a masterful psychological horror and is a defining film for the genre. The movie follows a family who take over an isolated hotel with a violent and gruesome past, that seems to put everyone on edge. Jack Torrance (the iconic role played by Jack Nicholson) is gradually driven to insanity and becomes more and more aggressive. This film is a perfect choice for this Halloween, especially as it is available to stream on US Netflix 

1. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Often regarded as one of the best films of all time, there is no doubt that The Shawshank Redemption deserves to be number one on this list. The epic movie follows the experiences of a former banker who is locked up inside Shawshank prison, after being found guilty of a crime he did supposedly not commit. Andy Dufresne quickly befriends a number of other prisoners, primarily Red, (played by Morgan Freeman) who helps his though his new brutal and difficult life.

No matter what film genres you frequent, you should without a doubt find time for this classic. The Shawshank Redemption is available to watch right now on UK Netflix but was unfortunately taken off US Netflix back in July of last year.

Do you agree with our list? Know any other Stephen King titles that you think should have made our list? Tell us in the comment section below.

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