Top 5 Titles To Watch for St. Patrick’s Day on Netflix US

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Spring is in the air and today we honor all things green. Whether you are celebrating big or small, take some time to raise a pint with these titles currently streaming on Netflix. May fortune be with you!

Gangs of New York

Directed by Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Day-Lewis star in this powerful film about the violent rise of gangland power in New York City in 1846. As waves of Irish immigrants poured into the New York neighborhood of Five Points, people begin making an open display of their resentment toward the new arrivals. Led by “Bill the Butcher” they begin brandishing their own form of justice. But someone has come seeking vengeance against Bill and his gang of thugs.

Leap Year

Amy Adams stars in this romantic comedy as a woman in a relationship with a man who has yet to pop the question (Adam Scott). Deciding to take action, she follows her boyfriend to Ireland, devising a plan to follow a Celtic tradition and propose on leap day, the only time when he couldn’t refuse. Fate has other plans.

The Irish Pub

A tribute to the greatest institution in Irish society, this charming documentary takes a look at the pub and the generations of people who run them. It’s a truly endearing film that I heartily recommend. It’s filled with interesting stories and takes a look around all the lovely establishments.

The Commitments

Based on the novel by Roddy Doyle, an aspiring band manager scours Dublin looking for musicians to form a soul band. He ends up with a working-class group with lots of raw talent, but no experience. Watch this film for the great soundtrack. The tunes are going to stick with you.

 Peaky Blinders Netflix Original

Get ready for this show to take over your weekend. Cillian Murphy, Sam Neill, Tom Hardy and a score of other excellent actors star in this series set in 1920s Birmingham, England in the aftermath of World War I. Thomas Shelby commands the Peaky Blinders, the most powerful gang to run the streets, and he means to move up in the world no matter the cost. Put this at the top of your binge list.

How are you celebrating this weekend? What other titles do you think should be on the list? Let us know in the comments!

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