Top 8 80’s Series on Netflix in 2017

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The 80’s is regarded by many as one of the best decades to live through, it was the decade that gave us Filofaxes, home computers, big hair, glamour, VCR’s and tons of awesome TV shows and movies that still get talked about today.

Thankfully Netflix has you covered right now if you’re craving some 80’s nostalgia, you’re in for a treat!

Here’s our pick of the TV shows that are available on Netflix right now, watching these again will feel like having your own Delorean time machine!


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Let’s start with an 80’s icon. He-Man is now on Netflix, well, just the first season which first aired back in 1983. If you remember He-Man and haven’t seen it since your childhood, here’s your chance to catch it again and follow the adventures of Adam (He-Man) as he goes up against his arch nemesis, Skeletor.


Following in hot pursuit of He-Man is his twin sister, She-Ra, the Princess of power. Again Netflix deliver the nostalgic goods with the first season of She-Ra and while it wasn’t as popular as He-Man it was loved by boys and girls alike, and if you have hazy memories of it you can now watch the first season to your heart’s delight!


The 80’s was a macho action man decade, and one of the big series back then was Mcguyver. Richard Dean Anderson stars as Angus Mcguyver, a secret agency who works for the Department of External Services. The show has a cult following, and it’s to see all the gadgets he comes up with out of everyday items.

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show

Remember waking up on a Saturday morning and watching The Super Mario Bros. Super Show? If you do, you can now recreate that carefree time in your life again as Mario and his brother Luigi thwart King Koopa in the Toadstool Kingdom. The show features a live action segment as the beginning and end, and the main cartoon has all the sound effects and scenes from the Super Mario games of the day.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: TNG first aired in 1987 which may come as a surprise to some. While some of the concepts and ideas featured in the series may seem a bit aged, it’s held up in most cases today with its ethical dilemmas and outright action that made this series so compelling.

The Wonder Years

As the show is set in the 60’s it still looks the part as it did in the 80’s when it first came out. A great series that is cleverly narrated in retrospect by the central star, Kevin. It’s a great family series that highlights the radical changes that were happening between the late 60’s and early 70’s in America. One to watch if you like your nostalgia set against the backdrop of real events.


Kirsty Alley and Ted Danson both starred in this long-running sitcom set in a bar in Boston covering the comings and goings of the staff and patrons alike. The series was a huge hit in the 80’s through to the early 90’s spanning 11 series, and now you can watch it anytime you want, and just like 90’s hit series Friends, there are quite a few celebrity cameos to look out for.


Finally, if you like your anime, then Robotech is for you. First aired in 1985 in the US it was one of the first anime to be seen stateside. Giant Mecha robots and action aplenty makes this a must-watch for anyone who likes big robots as well as a passion for anime.

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