Top Netflix Picks for Thanksgiving 2015


If you’re like me, you can barely wrap your head around the fact that the holiday season is upon us. Weren’t we just handing out candy? I haven’t even gotten all the Halloween decorations down yet. Wait. Those are actual cobwebs in my house. I gotta get on that. Suffice to say, a little push may be in order to start getting in the turkey spirit. Here are 5 movies streaming on Netflix that may shove you in the right direction. Because Thanksgiving is all about being pushed to do things you really don’t want to do.

Dutch (1991)

Starring Ed O’Neill, Ethan Embry, JoBeth Williams, Christopher McDonald


Dutch is just an everyday guy who wants to make his girlfriend happy. His girlfriend happens to be a upper-crust, soon to be divorced lady with a nightmare of a husband and an even worse kid. But she loves that little jerk, so Dutch volunteers to bring him home from boarding school to spend the holiday with his “mah.” It’s a nightmare of a trip, but it brings them closer to understanding each other and the spirit of family. Aww! And, hey! Al Bundy!

The House of Yes (1997)

Starring Parker Posey and Josh Hamilton


Jackie-O and Marty are twins with an unusually close relationship that takes a turn when he brings his very plain (normal) intended bride home to meet the family at Thanksgiving…the family that is strangely still living in the Kennedy era.  It’s filled with dark humor and weird family dynamics that really bring the theme of the holiday home: Thanksgiving is about mentally unstable people forced to be in the same room doing the best they can.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (1987)

Starring Steve Martin and John Candy


Holiday travel. It’s the worst. You’ve made your plans to be with these insane people you call family and now you have to get there. All you have to do is GET THERE. So many obstacles are in your way, testing your strength as a person (Just how much jail time would I have to do for punching the person that cut in front of me in line at Cinnabon?). And there is always, ALWAYS, some clueless traveler making your life a living hell and standing between you and the only thing the makes this entire yearly ordeal worthwhile: gravy. Neal Page (Martin) knows your pain. He’s living it. And he’s going to get home for Thanksgiving if it kills him. Repeat after me: “You’ll never make the 6.”

Addams Family Values (1993)


A family that embraces their disfunction is miles ahead in the Thanksgiving game. This movie is family fun for all and reminds us that we fight for our loved ones, no matter the odds. But really the most important message is the ‘Chippewa Spirit’ is annoying. And all Thanksgiving pageantry must be infused with truth and fire. Do not trust the Pilgrims! Especially Sarah Miller.

Free Birds (2013)

Starring Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson


Action! Adventure! Turkeys! Two turkeys from different sides of the tracks pair up to travel back in time to avert the crisis detrimental to their species: Thanksgiving. The plan is to change the menu to prevent all turkeys from becoming holiday centerpieces, but they encounter a foe by the name of Myles Standish. He’s a man determined to see all the feathered friends on the plates of the Pilgrims. Oh, and Amy Poehler love interest! This is a fun one to just sit back with the family, try not to think about the shopping you haven’t finished yet, and enjoy.

Happy Holidays!