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Valentine’s Day. It comes around every year, love it or hate it. If you happen to love it and all of the fluffy feelings and candy that go with it then this is the list for you.

10. The Princess Bride

I think this one is a given. The whole movie is about true love. A love that will never die. A love worth fighting giants and have sword fights for. A love so strong not even death can stop it! This romantic adventure is pure joy. Anybody want a peanut?

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9. The African Queen

I love a hardboiled love story, don’t you? A salty riverboat captain meets his match. What starts out as an escape turns into a waterlogged adventure and romance. Humphrey Bogart. Katharine Hepburn. Swoon.

Just look at those two. Someone bring me my smelling salts!

8. Hope Floats

This movie is just so good. It gets me every time. And Harry Connick Jr. might just be the finest man to ever walk the planet. After learning her husband wants a divorce on live tv (seriously?!), Birdee Pruitt (Sandra Bullock) takes her daughter to start a new life in the town she grew up in. Watch with tissues. You’re going to love it.

“Look at me. My life has no meaning or direction, and I’m happy. Look at Kermit there. You think it’s easy being green?” -Ramona Calvert

Smart lady with a lot of wisdom.

7. Jane Eyre

Nothing says romance more than period costumes. Driven from her home, a young governess reflects on her youth and the events that landed her on the misty moors. Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender are both superb.

6. Grease

Tell me more, tell me more. They meet on a beach, they end up at the same high school. It’s fate. This whole movie is one big horny teenage love story with a beat.

Did you love this as a kid, memorize every word to every song, but have no idea what it meant? Then go back as an adult and be horrified by the lyrics? Yeah. Me either.

5. Grosse Pointe Blank

A freelance assassin is haunted by his true love that got away. It’s time for a class reunion and time they get things settled once and for all. True love and high-priority targets sounds good to me.

Did I do that?

4. The Switch

Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman are two best friend who have stayed with each other through jobs, and relationships, and moves. When her biological clock starts ticking, their friendship takes an extreme turn. It’s sweet. Watch it.

Wouldn’t they make beautiful babies?

3. To Catch A Thief

I don’t know if I need to say anything other than “Grace Kelly and Cary Grant” for this one. That seems to sum up romance pretty neatly. A reformed jewel thief sets out the clear his name and catch the real bad guy, and maybe just fall in love along the way. *SWOON*

2. Drinking Buddies

Some movies are just good. Hey! Like beer! Gather enough indie comics together and you’re bound to get something worth watching. Luke and Kate are the best of friends, but complications arise at a lakeside getaway.

1. Can’t Buy Me Love

Ronald wants to be cool. And he loves a gorgeous blond cheerleader. Ronald is a dork. But with the right amount of money he might be able to taste the life he’s always wanted. Patrick McDreamy is a nerdy kid who convinces his popular cheerleader neighbor to date him for one month. For cash. It’s not as bad as it sounds. This movie is so sweet I think I have a toothache. And of course, we must not forget, THE AFRICAN ANT EATING RITUAL!

Aren’t they adorable?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Did I miss a great movie? Let me know in the comments.

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