Top TV Series Coming to Netflix US in February 2017

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February is going to be a great month. The Disney deal has kicked in, we’re getting original movies, and some really great series are heading our way! Let’s look at the top five.

5. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2  Exclusive Early Release

We’re beginning to get gifts from The CW: early releases exclusive to Netflix. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is one of the first. Despite the off-putting title (It smacks of a woman in the throes of shrill desperation. And as a general rule I HATE hysterical drama queens.), this sharp comedy stars Rachel Bloom as a partner at a prestigious law firm. She’s successful and driven, but still feels like something is missing. After a chance meeting with an ex, she abruptly decides to give up her life and goes on a quest for love, adventure and true happiness. It’s quirky, sweet and even manages to pull of dancing and singing. A true feat in itself.

4. The Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 Netflix Exclusive

Based on a highly rated manga series, The Seven Deadly Sins takes place in a time not unlike the Middle Ages where feared and celebrated Holy Knights ravaged the kingdom, overthrowing the royal family, and massing vast armies in the name of war. Its titular group of knights represent the seven deadly sins. The exiled Sins were scattered across the country and princess Elizabeth, having been accused of treason, fled the royal palace to find a to find the band of outlaws who she believes to be their last hope. Her luck prevails and she slowly stumbles upon the members of the group as the series progresses. It’s dark, edgy, and incredibly fast paced. It’s perfect for beginners or for veteran anime watchers with its fantastic blend of fantasy, comedy, and romance.

3. Abstract: The Art of Design Netflix Original

This new Netflix series takes a cue from the beautiful documentary series Chef’s Table. Premiering at Sundance, it features great creative minds working at the height of their talents, getting intimate with the creators spotlighted. Those profiled are artists of everything from graphic design and architecture to automobiles and shoes. I’m personally looking forward to hearing from the designer of the self-lacing sneakers from “Back to the Future II.” (I know. Nerd out alert.) If it’s even close to the quality and style of its predecessor Chef’s Table, we are all in for quite a fascinating treat.

2. American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson Netflix Exclusive

Now THIS you should really be eager for. It’s the first installment of FX’s true crime anthology television series American Crime Story. Each season will follow prolific American court cases of the 20th century. It is campy, over the top, and completely mesmerizing. Sarah Paulson’s turn as Marcia Clark is truly a sight to behold. The series is critically acclaimed, receiving 22 Primetime Emmy Award nominations in 13 categories. It won nine, more than any other show, and also won the Golden Globe Award for Best Miniseries and snagged a Best Actress award for Sarah Paulson.

BONUS: Fun watching game: count how many times Marcia Clark lights up a smoke.

1. Santa Clarita Diet Netflix Original

Zombie Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant. All I need to know about this new horror comedy series. I know you’re asking yourself about now “Do we really need another show about zombies?” The answer to that is no. Do we need this one? Yes. It’s a fresh look at a genre that has gone stale at best. Olyphant and Barrymore are Joel and Sheila, a husband and wife realtor team whose lives take a dark turn after Sheila goes through a serious diet transformation—eating human flesh. Oh yeah, their next door neighbor is a completely paranoid cop. I think it’s safe to say they are in for some zany adventures. I can’t wait!

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