What’s Popular on Netflix This Week: June 28th, 2019


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It’s time to look at what’s been lighting up Netflix over the past week. There’s plenty to cover but we notably don’t have any data from Netflix UK’s Twitter feed this week. 

As always, this list of lists is far from perfect. Without official numbers from Netflix, we’re using multiple data-points to garner what’s currently hot on Netflix.

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Netflix UK Top 10 List for June 26th

Netflix UK didn’t publish their typical list on Wednesday instead opting to highlight how many Netflix accounts have watched a particular Netflix Original.

Ava DuVernay announced that 23 million Netflix accounts around the world had tuned in to watch the stunning limited series.

Netflix UK added, “When They See Us has been in the top two most-watched series on Netflix in the UK since it launched on 31 May – beaten only by Black Mirror.”

The account did talk about its top 10s but failed to actually release it for this week.

What’s on Netflix Top 10 Most Popular New Releases

Every day, we update our list of the most popular new releases on Netflix. This data comes from people using our what’s new on Netflix section and clicking out to the new shows and movies to land onto Netflix. It’s not scientific but could help you find your next binge based on what other readers of our site are watching.

  1. Beneath the Leaves
  2. Bal Ganesh and the Pomzom Planet
  3. Ralph Breaks the Internet
  4. Oprah Presents When They See Us Now
  5. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse
  6. Convict
  7. I Am Mother
  8. Equilibrium
  9. A Royal Affair (En Kongelig affaere)

IMDb MOVIEMeter List

IMDb’s MOVIEmeter which tracks the most popular and most searched for titles in its database can give us an indication as to what’s popular right now too.

Here’s the top 10 show and movies on Netflix in the IMDb list right now.

Murder Mystery, the Adam Sandler movie which has been watched by a stunning 30 million accounts in the first three days remains at the top of the pack.

  1. Murder Mystery (ranks #1)
  2. Black Mirror (ranks #4)
  3. Marvels Jessica Jones (ranks #9)
  4. When They See Us (ranks #12)
  5. Stranger Things (ranks #14)
  6. Dark (ranks #19)
  7. I Am Mother (ranks #21)
  8. Lucifer (ranks #22)
  9. Designated Survivor (ranks #23)
  10. Trinkets (ranks #27)

TVTime Top 10 (June 17th to June 23rd)

Eve in Lucifer season 4 – John P. Fleener/Netflix

TVTime is a tracking app for TV lovers which releases new reports every Tuesday so, at the time of publishing, their report is four days old but remains consistent with last weeks stats.

  1. Lucifer
  2. Marvel’s Jessica Jones
  3. Trinkets
  4. Friends
  5. Dark
  6. The 100
  7. Good Girls
  8. Grey’s Anatomy
  9. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Game of Thrones sits at position 10 but isn’t available anywhere on Netflix.

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