New Releases on Netflix Australia (20th April 2018)

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This week Australian Netflix has welcomed a total of 36 new titles to its screens. It won’t be long now until we see the massive about of titles that come along with the start of any month. But before that, we have taken some time to give you the full list of titles that have come this past week. 22 Movies, 2 Documentaries, 10 TV Series and 2 Standup shows have arrived and as usual we’re going to pick out three titles specifically from the list and briefly highlight them. Of course feel free to sink into the list yourself, and if you spot something that you think we should have mentioned, please let us know in the comments below.

Our first pick for this week is the new Netflix Original show ‘The Chalet’. The series is a mystery, Thriller following a group of childhood friends who have a reunion in a remote chalet in the French Alps. A dark secret soon reemerges and the group starts a desperate struggle for survival as they are completely cut-off. Although the series is in French, Netflix do have a great subtitle service and dubbing options.

‘The Alienist‘ is another Netflix Original that has arrived on our screens. This period mystery is set in New York City, during the late 19th century and follows the investigation of a series of murdered young prostitutes. The new police commissioner decides to employ a criminal psychologist, also known as an alienist at the time, to assist in the investigation. Starring Daniel Brühl, Dakota Fanning and Like Evans, the show has already received many positive reviews.

Our final highlight is not just one title. You might have noticed from the list that most (if not all) of the Monty Python libary has come to Netflix. This includes anything from their old films like Monty Python and the Holy Grail and the meaning of Life to their more recent live shows in 2014. Any fan of Monty Python should definitely have a field day once they see this list.

Important notice: Australia’s weekly roundups have now moved to Fridays. The reason for this is because this is when the majority of Originals are released. 

See the full list of 36 new titles available on Netflix Australia this week:

10 New Movies Streaming on Netflix Australia

  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)
  • Life of Brian (1979)
  • Beyond Skyline (2017)
  • Barbie of Swan Lake (2003)
  • Animal House (1978)
  • Monster High: 13 Wishes (2013)
  • Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl (1982)
  • Monty Python: Parrot Sketch Not Included (1989)
  • Barbie in Princess Power (2015)
  • Monty Python: The Meaning of Live (1983)
  • Monty Python Live (Mostly) (2014)
  • Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action! (2014)
  • Hungerford (2014)
  • The Darkest Dawn (2016)
  • The Meaning of Monty Python (2013)
  • Shakespeare Behind Bars (2005)
  • Teen Titans: The Judas Contract (2017)
  • Joe’s Apartment (1996)
  • Jeremiah Johnson (1972)
  • Chasing the Dragon (2017)
  • All the Reasons to Forget (2017)
  • Dude (2018) Netflix Original

2 New Documentaries Streaming on Netflix Australia

  • Numero Zero: Alle origini del rap italiano (2015)
  • Mercury 13 (2018) Netflix Original

10 New TV Series Streaming on Netflix Australia

  • Monty Python’s Fliegender Zirkus – Season 1 (1972)
  • Monty Python: Almost The Truth – Season 1 (2009)
  • Monty Python’s Personal Best – Season 1 (2006)
  • Four Seasons in Havana – Season 1 (2016) Netflix Original
  • The Chalet – Season 1 (2018) Netflix Original
  • The Alienist – Season 1 (2018) Netflix Original
  • Charité – Season 1 (2017)
  • A Love So Beautiful – Season 1 (2017)
  • Hormones: The Confusing Teens – Season 1&2 (2014)
    Something in the Rain – Season 1 (2018)

2 New Stand Up Shows Streaming on Netflix Australia

  • Eddie Murphy: Delirious (1983)
  • The Honeymoon Stand Up Special – Season 1 (2018) Netflix Original
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