What’s New on Netflix Australia This Week: May 31st, 2019

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The Meg is now available to stream on Netflix Australia

Winter is almost here and what better way to enjoy those colder evenings then chilling on the sofa with plenty of brand new titles to binge? We have 34 new additions to be enjoyed this week, not to mention with the arrival of June tomorrow you’ll have plenty to keep you entertained. Here’s your weekly additions to Netflix Australia for May 31st, 2019.

First of all, here’s the past week’s highlights:

The Meg (2018)

The Great White Shark is the apex predator of the ocean but millions of years ago the fabled Megalodon was king of the seas. But when a team of submariners travels to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean they discover the long thought extinct 75-foot-long prehistoric shark. Now in a fight for survival, diver Jonas Taylor must help save the crew and stop the beast from causing unparalleled chaos.

When They See Us (Limited Series) Netflix Original

When They See Us is based on the real-life story of the ‘Central Park Five.’ In 1989 five African-Americans were blamed for the crime of raping and assaulting Trisha Meili. The young Investment Banker was jogging through Central Park when the crime was committed, the atrocity left her in a coma for 28 days. The trial of the ‘Central Park Five’ was one of the most publicized in the 1980s. The miniseries will shock audiences at the level of prejudice the five young Harlem teens had to face.


Killer Ratings (Season 1) Netflix Original

How does one build an empire? By being the face of crime-fighting while creating the crime itself in secret. Popular and beloved Brazillian tv host Wallace Souza was a hero in the eyes of the people of Manaus. But in 2009 the police began to inspect the Souza and what they discovered rocked the political system of Brazil to its core.

Here Are All the Latest Titles Added to Netflix Australia This Past Week

20 New Movies Added to Netflix Australia This Past Week:

  • Act of Valour (2012)
  • After Porn Ends (2012)
  • Always Be My Maybe (2019) Netflix Original
  • C Kkompany (2008)
  • Chopsticks (2019) Netflix Original
  • Goon (2011)
  • Kin (2018)
  • Koi Aap Sa (2006)
  • Krishna Cottage (2004)
  • Lifechanger (2018)
  • Mere Pyar Prime Minister (2018)
  • P (2006)
  • Ragini MMS (2011)
  • Ragini MMS 2 (2014)
  • Rampant (2018)
  • Shor in the City (2011)
  • Sotus the Series (Season 1)
  • Svaha: The Sixth Finger (2019) Netflix Original
  • The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017)
  • The Meg (2018)

11 New TV Shows Added to Netflix Australia This Past Week:

  • Animal Kingdoms (Season 4)
  • Arrested Development (Season 5) Netflix Original
  • Bad Blood (Season 2) Netflix Original
  • Black Spot (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • Good Girls (Season 2) Netflix Original
  • How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • Kiss the Series (Season 1)
  • My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman (Season 2) Netflix Original
  • Playing With Fire (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! (Season 1)
  • When They See Us (Limited Series) Netflix Original

1 New Docuseries Added to Netflix Australia This Past Week:

  • Killer Ratings (Season 1) Netflix Original

1 New Stand Up Special Added to Netflix Australia This Past Week:

  • Historical Roasts (Season 1) Netflix Original

1 New Reality Series Added to Netflix Australia This Past Week:

  • Back With the Ex (Season 1)

What will you be watching on Netflix Australia this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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