Netflix Canada Added 24 New Movies and TV Shows This Week

There are 24 new movies and TV shows added to Netflix Canada this week.


24 new movies and tv shows added to netflix canada this week march 31st 2023

As March comes to an end on Netflix Canada, there are 24 new movies and TV shows added this week.

First of all, here are the past week’s highlights:

Pulp Fiction (1994)

Director: Quentin Tarantino
Genre: Drama | Runtime: 154 Minutes
Cast: John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth

A burger-loving hitman, his philosophical partner, a drug-addled gangster’s moll, and a washed-up boxer converge in this sprawling, comedic crime caper. Their adventures unfurl in three stories that ingeniously trip back and forth in time.

The Other Guys (2010)

Director: Adam McKay
Genre: Comedy | Runtime: 107 Minutes
Cast: Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Eva Mendes, Michael Keaton, Steve Coogan

Unlike their heroic counterparts on the force, desk-bound NYPD detectives Gamble and Hoitz garner no headlines as they work day to day. When a seemingly minor case turns out to be a big deal, the two cops get the opportunity to finally prove to their comrades that they have the right stuff.

The Patriot (2000)

Director: Roland Emmerich
Genre: Action, Adventure, Period | Runtime: 165 Minutes
Cast: Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger, Joely Richardson, Jason Isaacs, Chris Cooper

After proving himself on the field of battle in the French and Indian War, Benjamin Martin wants nothing more to do with such things, preferring the simple life of a farmer. But when his son Gabriel enlists in the army to defend their new nation, America, against the British, Benjamin reluctantly returns to his old life to protect his son.

Here Are All of the Latest Additions to Netflix Canada This Week

10 New Movies Added to Netflix Canada This Week: March 31st, 2023

  • Almost Pyaar With DJ Mohabbat (2023)
  • Faraaz (2023)
  • In the Line of Fire (1993)
  • Kill Boksoon (2023) N
  • Murder Mystery 2 (2023)
  • On The Fringe (2022)
  • Pulp Fiction (1994)
  • The Other Guys (2010)
  • The Patriot (2000)
  • Vaathi (2023)

10 New TV Shows Added to Netflix Canada This Week: March 31st, 2023

  • African Folktales Reimagined (Season 1)
  • Copycat Killer (Season 1) N
  • From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke (Season 1) N
  • InuYasha (Season 5)
  • My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale (Season 1)
  • Pui Pui Molcar (Season 2)
  • Riverdale (Season 7) N
  • Unseen (Season 1) N
  • Unstable (Season 1) N
  • Wellmania (Season 1) N

2 New Documentaries Added to Netflix Canada This Week: March 31st, 2023

  • Big Mäck: Gangsters and Gold (2023) N
  • Emergency: NYC (Season 1) N

2 New Stand-Up Specials Added to Netflix Canada This Week: March 31st, 2023

  • Bert Kreischer: The Machine (2016)
  • Mae Martin: SAP (2023) N

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