New Releases on Netflix Canada This Week (July 20th, 2018)

New This Week On Netflix Canada

Happy Friday, Netflixers! Who is ready for a break? Good news for you: over 31 new titles hit Netflix this week. Your weekend plans have just made themselves. We took the time to pick a few highlights from the selections to make your weekend that much easier.

First up is a new Netflix Original comedy Father of the Year. Starring David Spade, you may be quick to dismiss this one as another Adam Sandler abomination. Give it a chance. Two best friends get into a discussion one night at a bar about whose dad could beat up the other one in a fight. Their fathers end up taking it quite seriously and things go from there. It’s really a movie about two guys forging a relationship with their dads over the course of a summer. I laughed out loud more than once and think it has some good things going for it.

A classic movie hit Netflix this week in The Stranger. Often considered Orson Welles’ most “traditional” Hollywood-style movie, it stars Orson Welles, Loretta Young, and Edward G. Robinson (who puts forth a wonderful performance). An ex-Nazi is living under a false identity as a teacher in a small Connecticut town and takes an unsuspecting, innocent wife as part of his cover. But when one of his old arrives unexpectedly in town, bringing in his wake a sly federal investigator, he resorts to desperate measures to protect his secret. I encourage you to lower the lights and enjoy a real suspense driven drama this weekend.

If you are into documentaries, true crime, or things that are just plain weird, Dark Tourist is the watch for you. A journalist goes to creepy and strange destinations most people not consider desirable vacation material. But as you will discover, there is indeed a market for just that thing. From Fukushima to Jefferey Dahmer, there is a market for just about anything.

13 New Movies Added to Netflix This Week

  • Blade of the ImmortalBlade of the Immortal (2017)
  • Coco (French-Canadian version) (2017)
  • Duck Duck Goose (2018) Netflix Original
  • El club de los buenos infieles (2018)
  • Father of the Year (2018) Netflix Original
  • GODZILLA City on the Edge of Battle (2018) Netflix Original
  • Going for Gold (2018)
  • Mom and Dad (2017)
  • Nothing to Lose (2018)
  • Suicide Squad (2016)
  • Tahaan (2008)
  • Temporada de Caza (Hunting Season) (2017)
  • The Stranger (1946)

8 New TV Series Added to Netflix This Week

  • Bonus Family (Season 2) Netflix Original
  • Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope (Season 2)
  • Final Space (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh (Season 4) Netflix Original
  • Jimmy: The True Story of a True Idiot (Jimmy: Ahomitaina honma no hanashi ) (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • Luna Petunia: Return to Amazia (Season 2) Netflix Original
  • Queen of the South (Season 2)
  • The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale (Season 2)

10 New Documentaries/Docuseries Added This Week

  • Amazing Interiors (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (Season 8)
  • Camarón Revolution (Season 1)
  • Camarón: The Film (2018)
  • Dark Tourist (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • Deep Undercover (Season 3)
  • Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction? (Season 2)
  • Last Chance U (Part 4) Netflix Original
  • Lucha: Playing the Impossible (Lucha. Jugando con lo imposible) (2016)
  • Stray Bullet (2018)