What’s New on Netflix Canada This Week: May 22nd, 2020

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This Is the End is now available to stream on Netflix Canada

It’s a busy day in Canada with 49 new titles to be watched from the Netflix library. Once again, you’ll be spoilt for choice this weekend. Here’s what’s new on Netflix Canada this week for May 22nd, 2020.

First of all, here are the past week’s top highlights:

This Is the End (2013)

One of the funniest films of the year in 2013, the super best friends of comedy, Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jay Burchell, Craig Robinson, Jonah Hill, and Danny McBride were at their finest.

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It’s the end of the world as we know it! Or so it is for Jay Burchell and co. as the apocalypse descends upon the Hollywood Hills. When the rapture comes and people ascend to heaven, those left behind must fend for themselves as the apocalypse brings unparalleled destruction.

The Lovebirds (2020) N

Originally scheduled for a theatrical release, the COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to that. Still, it’s a huge gain for Netflix, so fill your boots this weekend with a new hilarious comedy starring Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani.

Unexpectedly embroiled in a murder mystery, Jibran and Leilani come to a critical crossroads in their relationship. The journey to clear their names leads them from one extreme and hilarious situation to the next. While the couple must figure out how on earth they can survive, they must also figure out how their relationship can survive the night.

Shrek (2001)

Shrek is love. Shrek is life. The noughties craze for the great big green ogre has been ongoing for almost 20 years now and despite the last film in the franchise arriving a decade ago, the original is still just as popular.

When the tiny Lord Farquaad exiles all of the fairy tale creatures to the swamp, the ogre Shrek is unhappy by the arrival of his new guests. To claim his home back for himself, Shrek, with the help of a talking Donkey, take on a quest for Lord Farquaad to rescue Princess Fiona, who is trapped in a castle guarded by a dragon.

Here Are All the Latest Additions to Netflix Canada This Week

32 New Movies Added to Netflix Canada: May 22nd, 2020

  • #FriendButMarried (2018)
  • Anchor Baby (2010)
  • Bye Bye London (1981)
  • Either Me Or My Auntie (2006)
  • Escaping Tel Aviv (2009)
  • Fifty Year Old Teenager (1996)
  • Game Over (2012)
  • Karkar (2007)
  • Light in the Dark (2019)
  • Living in Bondage: Breaking Free (2019)
  • Lock Your Girls In (1982)
  • Mujeres arriba (2019)
  • Mutiny of the Worker Bees (2020) N
  • My Sleeping Lover (2008)
  • No Longer Kids (1979)
  • Omar & Salma 2 (2009)
  • Ophelia (2018)
  • Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018)
  • Raya and Sakina (1984)
  • Sayed the Servant (1985)
  • Shrek (2001)
  • Tarek’s Situation (2006)
  • The Beach Loafer (2004)
  • The End (2019)
  • The Lovebirds (2020) N
  • The Married Couples (1981)
  • The School of Mischief (1973)
  • The Witness Who Didn’t See Anything (1976)
  • This Is the End (2013)
  • Wadjda (2012)
  • What Are the Odds? (2020)
  • Zaki Chan (2005)

12 New TV Series Added to Netflix Canada This Week: May 22nd, 2020

  • Blood & Water: Season 1 N
  • Boys Over Flowers: Season 1
  • Control Z: Season 1 N
  • Especial 20 años Fútbol de Primera: Season 1
  • Iris: Season 1
  • Mystic Pop-Up Bar: Season 1 N
  • Once Upon a Time… Life: Season 1
  • Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: Volume 6 N
  • Sweet Magnolias: Season 1 N
  • The 100: Season 7
  • The Queen and the Conqueror: Season 1 N
  • Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series: Season 2 N

2 New Reality Series Added to Netflix Canada This Week: May 22nd, 2020

  • Selling Sunset: 2 Seasons N
  • The Big Flower Fight: Season 1 N

1 New Docuseries Added to Netflix Canada This Week: May 22nd, 2020

  • History 101: Season 1 N

1 New Music Special Added to Netflix Canada This Week: May 22nd, 2020

  • Ben Platt Live from Radio City Music Hall (2020) N

1 New Stand Up Special Added to Netflix Canada This Week: May 22nd, 2020

  • Patton Oswalt: I Love Everything (2020) N

What are you going to be watching on Netflix Canada this week? Let us know in the comments below!

What’s New on Netflix Canada This Week: May 22nd, 2020

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