New Releases on Netflix: September 18th, 2019

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Come and Find Me now streaming on Netflix in the US

It’s mid-week and unlike most weeks on Netflix, we’ve actually got a few new additions to cover. In fact, today is a very news heavy day with more October 2019 new releases announced. Here’s what’s new on Netflix, what’s leaving tomorrow and we’ll have a look back through a time machine at what released today in previous years. 

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As we missed the new releases on Netflix for yesterday, we’ll also include a couple of highlights from those new releases and include them in the full list.

Come and Find Me (2016)

Genre: Thriller
Director: Zack Whedon
Cast: Aaron Paul, Annabelle Wallis, Garret Dillahunt, Chris Chalk
Runtime: 112 min

Aaron Paul is in the news a lot again at the moment thanks to his upcoming reprisal in El Camino coming to Netflix next month. This movie, which scored relatively well with critics when it released back in 2016 is back on Netflix in time of the big release.

The thriller is about his characters girlfriend going missing and him tracking her down only to find out she’s not been truthful with him.

Transformers: Cyberverse (Season 1)

Genre: Animation
Cast: Jeremy Levy, Sophia Isabella, Ryan Andes, Todd Perlmutter
Runtime: 11 min

Yesterday (September 17th) marked the 35th anniversary for the shapeshifting robots in disguise and to celebrate, Netflix had the late addition of Transformers: Cyberverse.

This series aired on Cartoon Network in 2018 features Bumblebee, Windblade, and Optimus Prime and sees the Transformers trying to recover Bumblebee’s memory.

Don’t forget, Netflix has it’s own Original series for Transformers likely coming out next year.

Full List of New Releases Today

6 New Movies Added (Sep 17 – Sep 18)

  • A Haunting at Silver Falls: The Return (2019)
  • Avengement (2019)
  • Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives (2017)
  • Come and Find Me (2016)
  • Five Elements Ninjas (1982)
  • Sebastian Maniscalco: What’s Wrong with People? (2012)

4 New TV Series Added (Sep 17 – Sep 18)

  • Ancient Aliens (Season 1)
  • The Last Kids on Earth (Book 1) Netflix Original
  • Transformers: Cyberverse (Season 1)
  • When the Camellia Blooms (Season 1 – Episode 1) Netflix Original

This Day on Netflix (September 17th)

Only one title on our Netflix rewind today. We have to go back to 2015 when the documentary on one of The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards dropped onto Netflix. With favorable reviews and Morgan Neville behind it, you should absolutely head back and watch Keith Richards: Under the Influence.

What are you watching on Netflix today? Let us know in the comments.

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