New Releases on Netflix US (Dec. 22, 2017)

New Movies

Bright (2017) *Netflix Original

Netflix’s big 2017 blockbuster featuring Will Smith in a world filled with fairies and orcs.

Genre: Action
Runtime: 117 minutes

TV Shows/Documentaries

72 Dangerous Animals: Latin America – Season 1 (2017) *Netflix Original

Explore Latin American like never before as Netflix takes a look at some of the most dangerous creatures in the region.

Number of episodes: 12

Dope – Season 1 (2017) *Netflix Original

New Netflix Original docuseries taking a look at the war on drugs from the other perspective.

Number of episodes: 4

The Toys That Made Us – Season 1 (2017) *Netflix Original

Retrospective docuseries taking a look at toys that define childhoods with the creators and takes a look at toy production in the 21st century.

Number of episodes: 4

New Foreign Movies

Madness in the Desert (2004)

Rosario Tijeras – Season 1 (2016)