New Releases on Netflix US (Dec. 26, 2017)

Happy Boxing Day! Netflix has plenty for you to watch today if you’re still recovering from Christmas dinner.

New Movies/Specials

Clash (2016)

Set during the Egyptian Presidents oust, we see the conflict from the inside of a police truck.

Runtime: 98 minutes
Genre: Thriller

Mr. Roosevelt (2017)

In the same vein as Lady Dynamite, we see a struggling comedian deal with her relationship and failing career.

Runtime: 91 minutes
Genre: Comedy

New TV Shows/Documentaries

Travelers – Season 2 (2017)

Sci-fi series returns for its second season where random citizens are possessed by people in the future.

Walk with Me (2017)

Featuring the talents of Benedict Cumberbatch, this documentary takes a look at the life of monks.

Runtime: 93 minutes

New Standup Comedy

Todd Barry: Spicy Honey (2017) *Netflix Original

Covering texting emergencies, Hitler, soap and pizza, Todd Barry lights up the stage.

Runtime: 60 minutes