New Releases on Netflix US (February 15th, 2018)

Mid-month usually brings lots of great new titles but February has been fairly so-so. The biggest new title is the release of the Japanese miniseries exclusively on Netflix named Re: Mind. We’ve also got three documentaries, a plenty of new movies from India and beyond.

New Movies

Solomon Kane (2009)

A true box office flop as the movie adapts a pulp magazine character from the 1920’s to the big screen.

Runtime: 104 minutes

Treasure Hounds (2017)

Talking dogs kids drama that parodies Indiana Jones. We join a young boy on an adventure searching out treasure to save their town.

Runtime: 86 minutes

New Documentaries

Guy Martin: Last Flight of the Vulcan Bomber (2015)

British racer Guy Martin and a team of engineers prepare the Vulcan bomber for a farewell tour and showcases the history of the plane.

Runtime: 57 minutes

Guy Martin’s Spitfire (2014)

The older Guy Martin UK documentary where he looks at the iconic WW2 British plane, the Spitfire. His task is to restore a crashed plane to its former glory.

Runtime: 72 minutes

The Heart of Man (2017)

Directed and written by Eric Esau this tells the true story of a father’s search for his son.

Runtime: 73 minutes

New TV Series

Re:Mind (Season 1)

Netflix Original

A new foreign horror series where eleven high schoolers find themselves trapped in a large dining room.

New Foreign Movies

Asura: The City of Madness (2016)

Blood Stripe (2016)

Daagdi Chaawl (2015)

Fakta Ladh Mhana (2011)

Matichya Chuli (2006)

Morya (2011)

Premachi Goshta (2013)

Sakhi (2007)

Sarivar Sari (2005)

Tukaram (2012)

Zenda (2009)