New Releases on Netflix US (March 7th, 2018)

Not one but three Benji movies are now available on Netflix in anticipation of the Netflix reboot release coming later in March. We’ve got a few independent movies from home and abroad released today too as well as a new foreign original crime drama series and a documentary series on fairground rides.

New Movies

Aftershock (2012)

Starring Eli Roth, this horror movie forces several partying people to scramble for survival after a devastating earthquake hits Chile.

Runtime: 89 minutes

Aliens Ate My Homework (2018)

William Shatner appears in this mixed reviewed children’s comedy. In the movie, Rod is a kid who is recruited by aliens to help stop an intergalactic criminal.

Runtime: 90 minutes

Benji (1974)

Children’s classic from 1974 joins Netflix ready for the upcoming Netflix reboot later this month. This movie tells the origin story of Benji and how he was adopted.

Runtime: 86 minutes

Benji: Off the Leash (2004)

Benji was rebooted once before in 2004 to mixed results. Off the Leash takes a look at Benji’s early days while also giving insight to his life in show business.

Runtime: 100 minutes

Bullet Head (2017)

International crime drama where three fugitives are locked away in a warehouse to hide from the cops but end up finding a bigger enemy.

Runtime: 94 minutes

For the Love of Benji (1977)

The follow up to the original Benji, Joe Camp returns to direct the second movie where Benji gets separated from his owner in Greece.

Runtime: 84 minutes

Gook (2017)

A well-received independant movie from last year recreating the events of the infamous LA riots and the two Korean-American store owners who fought to protect their store.

Runtime: 95 minutes

Leap! (2016)

An unheard of animated title from 2016 where two friends escape their orphanage to travel to the bright lights of Paris.

Runtime: 89 minutes

New TV Series

Borderliner (Season 1)

Netflix Original

A police detective gives up a case in order to protect his family but soon gets trapped in a dangerous game when his partner calls foul.

Fairground Attractions (Season 1)

A British docuseries that looks at life on the road with a travelling fairground and the ups and downs that come with it.

Darr Sabko Lagta Hai (Season 1)

New Standup Special

Gad Elmaleh: American Dream (2018)