New Releases on Netflix US (Nov. 21, 2017)

New Movies

Beat Bugs: All Together Now (2017)

Continuing from the Beat Bugs series, this special sees the beat bugs compete in a new competition.

Genre: Kids
Runtime: 51 minutes

From the Land of the Moon (2016)

On doctors orders, a woman chases a new adventure in the Alps as told to by her doctor.

Genre: Romance
Runtime: 121 minutes

The Case for Christ (2017)

One investigative journalist produces a documentary on questioning his wife’s religion.

Genre: Faith
Runtime: 113 minutes

New Documentaries

Gates of Heaven (1978)

Errol Morris presents his famous documentary where he showcases of people who work in the animal burial business.

Runtime: 83 minutes

Saving Capitalism (2017)

Netflix Original documentary that looks into the current economy while picking out the flaws and suggestions on how to improve.

Runtime: 73 minutes

The Thin Blue Line (1988)

Another Errol Morris documentary where he looks into a murder where it tries proving the innocence of a convicted man.

Runtime: 110 minutes

Vernon, Florida (1981)

The third Errol Morris documentary added today where he interviews the quirky residents of a small backwoods town, including a wild-turkey hunter and a worm farmer.

Runtime: 55 minutes

New Standup Special

Brian Regan: Nunchucks and Flamethrowers (2017)

Brian Regans Netflix Original special where he talks board games and hot dogs.

Runtime: 61 minutes


Jasmin Pease

Overseeing the new releases on Netflix in the United States of America, Jasmin will keep you updated with all the new TV series and Movies streaming on Netflix.