New Releases on Netflix US (Nov. 22, 2017)

New Movies

Barbara… The Music…The Mem’ries…The Magic! (2017)

Netflix Original documentary and concert coverage of Barbra Streisand.

Genre: Music
Runtime: 108 minutes

Boss Baby (2017)

Dreamworks pictures present the award-winning animated comedy where a 7-year-old becomes the CEO of Puppy Co.

Genre: Animated
Runtime: 97 minutes

Cherry Pop (2017)

A drag musical where a young newcomer takes the stage but faces an uphill battle amongst his peers.

Genre: Musical
Runtime: 77 minutes

Teen Thay Bai (2011)

Indian comedy where three brothers have to fulfil their grandfathers wishes to inherit his wealth.

Genre: Comedy

Tracers (2014)

Starring Taylor Lautner where he plays a bike messenger who gets into trouble with organized crime so learns parkour. (Yes I know how that sounds.)

Genre: Action
Runtime: 93 minutes

New TV Shows/Documentaries

Argon – Season 1 (2017)

New Netflix Original Korean series following several investigative TV news reporters.

Number of episodes: 8

Godless – Series 1 (2017)

Netflix Original limited order Western series starring Jeff Daniels. Do not miss this.

Number of episodes: 7

Jasmin Pease

Overseeing the new releases on Netflix in the United States of America, Jasmin will keep you updated with all the new TV series and Movies streaming on Netflix.