New This Week on Netflix: February 16th, 2018

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From horror to nostalgia, Netflix has you covered this weekend.

It’s the weekend! It has been fairly quiet on the Netflix front, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any titles worth adding to your queue. Settle in with titles below and enjoy the binge.

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Chris Rock: Tamborine Netflix Original

Chris Rock has been absent from standup for a while. Ten years, in fact. Now he is back and it’s certainly a different kind of show. In the best way. He’s back to basics, back to real standup. He is in a small room, there’s no flashy clothing and no big set. It’s Rock in a t-shirt and jeans doing what he does best: honest, at times uncomfortable comedy. It’s a truly intimate special and I love the direction. I hope we keep getting more content of this quality.

Re:Mind Netflix Original

If you’re in the mood for horror then this disturbing thriller will be great for a weekend binge. Eleven school girls wake up to find themselves chained to a dining room table with a silk bag over their heads. They don’t know why they are there or who is behind it. And so begins the intricate mystery.

Trailer with subtitles available at Netflix.

Everything Sucks! Netflix Original

Remember Zima? Remember Bloodhound Gang? You’re about to. This new series will remind you of Freaks and Geeks with a touch of the Wonder Years…if it was set in the 90s. It takes a moment for it to shake off the in your face nostalgia and find its footing, but once it does this show has a story worth telling.

Irreplaceable You Netflix Original


Abbie and Sam have been together since they were children. About to be married and expecting a baby, Abbie is diagnosed with cancer. She embarks on a mission to find a new love for Sam, finding friends and herself along the way. The real reason the tune into this one is the great cast. It’s your Saturday night popcorn drama.

What are you watching this weekend? Let us know in the comments!

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