New This Week on Netflix: January 12th, 2018

Looking for the best movies and TV series added to Netflix over the past week? You’ve come to the right place. We’re looking over all the titles added from January 5th to January 12th and making your life easier by giving you four things to watch over the weekend.

So what do we have for you this week? Netflix’s brand new talk show, a new Netflix Original cooking documentary series, a movie starring Jack Black and a much loved NBC show that’s joining Netflix for the first time.

The Polka King Netflix Original Movie

Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 94 minutes

Jack Black is a pretty typecast character playing big flamboyant characters and frankly, this movie isn’t changing that. With that said, it’s a more refined role for Jack Black who is playing Jan Lewan, the Polish immigrant convicted on multiple counts of fraud. It’s a true story that also has an accompanying documentary also currently streaming on Netflix.

The film won’t make you laugh out loud but it’s an interesting story with multiple good performances particularly Jenny Slate who I never thought I’d like thanks to Parks & Recreation.

My Next Guess Needs No Introduction (Episode 1) Netflix Original Talk Show

Guest: Barack Obama
Runtime: 56 minutes

Politics has become a somewhat toxic subject even more so than usual in the past year. Although I can’t quite put my finger on as to why this interview with the 44th president of the United States gives more character the ex-President. This is Letterman’s first episode for Netflix with the next starring George Clooney coming next month.

The interview talks about how Barack has dealt with retiring plus also looking at his past and future. Most notably, there was a section where David Letterman travels to Selma to where Martin Luther King and John Lewis began their march.

Somebody Feed Phil (Season 1) Netflix Original Docuseries

Number of episodes: 6

A somewhat spiritual successor of the PBS series also starring Philip Rosenthal, we see the star travel around the globe across six episodes discovering new cuisines. Philip Rosenthal is most known for his work on Everybody Loves Raymond and during the series, he travels to Bangkok, Saigon, Tel Aviv, Lisbon, New Orleans and Mexico City.

Taken (Season 1)

Number of episodes: 10
Only available on Netflix USA

It’s rare for Netflix to get new NBC shows given most end up on Hulu which the network part owns but Taken is a welcome surprise. The series that clearly takes the name of the successful Liam Neeson movie of the same name stars Clive Standen as Bryan Mills.

Using his ‘particular set of skills’ Bryan is tasked with multiple jobs throughout the series. Better news yet, Taken has already been given the greenlight for season 2!

Have we missed anything this week? Let us know down below.