New This Week on Netflix: November 10, 2017

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Ready for the weekend? It’s time to relax with Netflix.

New week, new titles. It has been a quiet week at Netflix, but there are still plenty of things to get comfy with this weekend. Put your feet up and relax. You deserve it.

Find some fluffy socks.


Part black comedy, part true-crime tale, Jack Black stars in this underrated film as a funeral director with a heart of gold. Well loved in his small town, he taught Sunday school, sang in the church choir and was always willing to lend a helping hand. It came as no surprise, then, when he befriended Marjorie Nugent (Shirley MacLaine) a rich widow who was as caustic as she was wealthy. A relationship developed between the two and soon they were inseparable. That is until Marjorie disappeared. Matthew McConaughey co-stars as a law officer determined to find the truth. And, just to remind you, this is a crazy true story!


Let me just get this out of the way: I’m not into cars and I’m definitely not into racing. But this documentary is incredibly interesting and entertaining. It tells the extraordinary story of the Williams Formula 1 team, from its inception to the present day and profiles its celebrated team owner Frank Williams. The film has speed, drama, deadly races, rivalries, heartbreak. It’s a noteworthy sports doc.

Lady Dynamite: Season 2 Netflix Original

This clever show stars Maria Bamford as herself. It’s a surreal comedy that is also a very real exploration of mental illness. Bamford has made her own struggles with bipolar disorder very public and here we see her anxiety come to life in, believe it or not, a most amusing way. Even something as simple as a couple arguing can wind to an outlandish and strange outcome. The overall vibe of this show is so positive, you just can’t help but smile. Not to mention the fantastic cameos. Give this ride through Bamford’s brain a try.

The Great British Baking Show: Season 4

Are you ready to be hypnotized by British accents and cake batter? Yes. Yes, you are. This is a purely indulgent binge that will relax you and make you happy. No shouting. No swearing. Just wonderfully polite people baking yummy things. If you’ve had a rough week you need this in your life.

Jerry Seinfeld: Comedian

This portrait of life on the road as a stand-up comedian stars Jerry Seinfeld and also follows newcomer Orny Adams. It’s a look at a veteran comedian going on the road having the same experiences as a total newcomer, a sort of yen and yang. One is experienced and has the wisdom, one is young and thinks the world owes him a living. It’s an interesting dynamic. It’s also great to see Seinfeld sharing horror stories backstage with other comedians including Ray Romano, Garry Shandling and Chris Rock. If you’re a big fan of standup you should add this one to your list.

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New This Week on Netflix: November 10, 2017

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