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BoJack Horseman

After a quiet summer, Netflix is really starting to pick up with lots of new titles hitting the service. Take a look at the movies and shows that hit Netflix over the past 7 days.

You made it to Friday! Yay, you! And lucky you, September is shaping up to be a very busy month for streaming. This week is dominated by Netflix Originals. You have a wealth of options this weekend for watching. A lot of excellent titles were added this week. Time to plan your relaxation binge.

Below are my picks of highlights for the week. As with each list, I have seen them all and would personally recommend them.

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For your convenience, a full list of the titles added this week is at the end of this article. To keep up with additions be sure to follow our What’s New page, updated daily.

‘The Blacklist’ Season 5 is streaming now on Netflix.

Call The Midwife: Series 7

Adapted by Heidi Thomas from the best-selling memoirs of Jennifer Worth, this award-winning BBC drama is about the lives of a group of nurses working in the East End of London. Starting in the 1950s, the series progresses to the 60s, including historical events of the day and how they affect the women and their community. It’s a cracking good series a very worthy of a binge.

American Vandal: Season 2 Netflix Original

Netflix’s award-winning runaway hit series is back with a new season and a new crime. We’re at a new school this season but the misdeed is just as distasteful as the past. Gone are the days of the dicks. Welcome to poo land, my friends. A mysterious prankster has been terrorizing the students of St. Bernadine by making them shit their pants. While the premise of this mockumentary series has always been juvenile, the surprising thing that keeps you watching is that it’s actually a really good true crime show.

Daniel Sloss: Live Shows Netflix Original

You may recognize Daniel Sloss. He became a professional comedian in his teens and has appeared on Drunk History and Comedy Central’s Roast Battles. He even wrote, crowd-funded, directed and starred in 6-part online series when he was just 22. Now he brings his humor to Netflix. Filmed in LA and Sydney, he has two specials available and both are exceptionally funny. As a huge Drunk History fan I was familiar with him, but not his standup. I’m now a fan.

BoJack Horseman: Season 5 Netflix Original

BoJack Horseman isn’t your usual adult animated comedy. It’s…kinda deep. Starring Will Arnett, the Emmy-nominated show includes a great deal of social commentary and tackles some pretty heavy subjects. That being said, it is still a comedy. A bit of a dark comedy, but comedy nonetheless. Season 4 saw the gang having some pretty tough times. This season is a little brighter with BoJack getting his chance at a comeback starring in a new show. Like the seasons before, this series continues to be a must watch.

The Land of Steady Habits Netflix Original

Adapted from the same name by Ted Thompson, Ben Mendelsohn (Bloodline) stars as a suburban financier suffering from terminal malaise. He leaves his job and his family to find a better life without much success. He’s disliked by most people he knows, makes terrible choices, and has trouble communicating with his son. Edie Falco puts forth her usual first-rate performance as his ex-wife who is moving on with her life much to his dismay. This certainly isn’t an uplifting film, but it’s a great character driven study with superb performances from all involved. It’s a very compelling watch.

The Resistance Banker Netflix Original

Based on the life of banker Walraven van Hall, this film follows the story of a man who financed the Dutch resistance during the Second World War. In Nazi-occupied Amsterdam, a banker risks his family and future by creating an underground bank to fund the resistance to slow the Nazi war machine. If you are hesitant to watch a film because of subtitles, give it a chance. This film was selected as the Dutch entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 91st Academy Awards and is very worthy of a watch.

Complete List of New Titles Added This Week:


  • Click (2006)
  • My Teacher, My Obsession (2017)
  • The Resistance Banker Netflix Original
  • On My Skin Netflix Original
  • Bir Çocuk Sevdim
  • The Rise of Phoenixes Netflix Original
  • The Land of Steady Habits Netflix Original
  • The Angel Netflix Original
  • Still (2010)
  • Bleach (2018) Netflix Original
  • Bangkok Hell (Nor Chor) (2002)

TV Series

  • Transformers: Robots in Disguise: Season 1
  • The Good Place: Season 2
  • Angry Birds Toons: Season 3
  • Show Me the Money: 2 Seasons
  • Call the Midwife: Season 7
  • If I were an Animal: Season 1
  • The Blacklist: Season 5
  • Naruto (Season 4-6)
  • Life: Season 1 Netflix Original
  • Zak Storm: Season 3
  • Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Season 2
  • The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes: Season 2 Netflix Original
  • The Dragon Prince: Season 1 Netflix Original
  • Super Monsters Monster Party: Season 1 Netflix Original
  • Norm Macdonald Has a Show: Season 1 Netflix Original
  • Ingobernable: Season 2 Netflix Original
  • Car Masters: Rust to Riches: Season 1 Netflix Original
  • Bojack Horseman: Season 5 Netflix Original
  • Boca Juniors Confidential: Season 1 Netflix Original
  • Behind the Newsroom: Season 1
  • American Vandal: Season 2


  • Reversing Roe Netflix Original


  • Daniel Sloss: Live Shows Netflix Original
New This Week on Netflix (September 14th, 2018)

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