New on Netflix UK This Week (November 30th)

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F is for Family – Copyright Netflix.

It’s safe to say we’ve had much better weeks than this for new content on Netflix. But considering we are about to enter December we can fully expect a feast of brand new content heading our way soon.

F is for Family (Season 3) Netflix Original

Netflix has been massively successful over the past few years with their animated adult series. Shows like Big Mouth and Bojack Horseman have been huge hits for the streaming service. That also includes the gem that is F is for Family, while the ‘Family’ sitcom has been done ten times over Bill Burr has done an incredible job in keeping his show funny and fresh.

The Murphy family returns once again for a season of hilarious antics and putting your head through a f***ing wall!

1983 (Season 1) Netflix Original

1983 is the very first Polish Netflix Original, and from what we’ve seen is an excellent addition to the library. Netflix has made a continued effort to produce Original content across the globe and this isn’t stopping anytime soon.

What if the Cold War never ended? And what if Poland never left the grasp of Soviet of Russia? In the world of 1983, a terrorist attack altered the course of history as we know it. The events that took place to end and demolishing of the Iron Curtain never happened. 20 years on from the terrorist attack, Poland is still in the clutches of Russia. But when a law student and police detective uncover a conspiracy, they are on the precipice of a revolution that could free Poland for good.

Minecraft: Story Mode Netflix Original

After the collapse of telltale games, it was uncertain if this title was going to be released. Enough staff was able to stay on in the studio to ensure the completion of Netflix’s first interactive title.

Taking place in the world of Minecraft you take control of Jessie. Jessie a noob to Minecraft but sets out an adventure with friends through the Minecraft world to find the Order of the Stone. The order is made up of five legendary heroes that that saved the world of Minecraft.

Here are all the new titles added this week:

16 New Movies:

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding (2018) Netflix Original
Angela’s Christmas (2018) Netflix Original
Baby (Season 1) Netflix Original
El club de los insomnes (2018)
Friend Request (2016)
Garuda in My Heart 2 (2011)
How to Get Over a Breakup (2018) Netflix Original
Love (2008)
Love for Sale (2018)
Manto (2018)
Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House (2017)
Rajma Chawal (2018) Netflix Original
The Humanity Bureau (2017)
Time Share (2018) Netflix Original
Tumbledown (2015)
Winchester (2018)

12 TV Shows:

1983 (Season 1) Netflix Original
F is for Family (Season 3) Netflix Original
Fred (2018)
Inheritors (Season 1)
Judge vs. Judge (Season 1)
Love and Fortune (Season 1)
Minecraft (Season 1) Netflix Original
My Love from the Star (Season 1)
Nicky Jam: El Gandor (Season 1) Netflix Original
Pocoyo (Season 4)
Sab Jholmall Hai (Season 3)
Spy Kids: Mission Critical (Season 2) Netflix Original

1 New Documentary:

Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story (2015)

1 New Stand-Up Special:

Bumping Mics with Jeff Ross & Dave Attell (Season 1) Netflix Original

1 New Reality Series:

Death by Magic (Season 1) Netflix Original

What will you be watching this week? Let us know in the comments below!

New on Netflix UK This Week (November 30th)

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