What’s Coming to Netflix UK: May 2020

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If you’ve already binged your way through most of Netflix during the lockdown, not to worry, there is plenty more on the way. Here’s a breakdown of everything scheduled to hit Netflix in the United Kingdom throughout May 2020.

As always, we get word of a large collection of titles due out on Netflix in advance but there’s also plenty that arrives on a daily basis. Therefore, check back in with this post as we continuously update with the latest new titles on Netflix.

May 2020 is set to see some excellent Originals arrive on Netflix in addition to the licensed movies such as Justice League and The First Purge that are due out throughout the course of the month.

N = Netflix Original

Dates TBD

  • Justice League
  • Monty Python’s Meaning of Life
  • Snowpiercer (Season 1)
  • The First Purge
  • The Blues Brothers

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 1st

  • Adult Life Skills (2016) – Comedy – Movie drama starring Jodie Whittaker
  • All Day and a Night (2020) N – Drama – A young man must come to terms with the repercussions of his actions after committing a homicide.
  • Almost Happy: Season 1 N – Spanish Comedy – Radio show host Sebastian tries to navigate his way in the world as he deals with the fact he’s still in love with his ex-wife.
  • Drifting Dragons (Season 1) N – Anime – 12 episode animated series about the crew of an airship who make a living hunting dragons.
  • Get In (2019) N – French Thriller – Upon returning home from their holiday, Paul and his family discover that their house has been occupied by squatters.
  • Hollywood: Limited Series N – Period drama – In the golden age of Hollywood a group of aspiring young actors and filmmakers attempt to make it big.

  • Into the Night: Season 1 N – Belgium Thriller – As the sun starts to kill everything in its path, a plane full of passengers attempt to fly west into the safety of darkness to escape its destructive power.
  • Killer Cove (2019) – Thriller – A woman recruits a private detective to help with a stalker.
  • Labyrinth (1986) – Fantasy – Jim Henson’s classic featuring David Bowie.
  • Medici: Season 3 N – Historical drama – 15th century Florence during the Renaissance, Cosimo de Medici becomes the head of the family after his father, Giovanni, dies unexpectedly.
  • Monthly Girls’ Nozaki Kun (Mini-series) – Anime – High school drama
  • Mrs. Serial Killer (2020) N – Indian Thriller – To release her serial killer husband from prison, a doting wife commits a copycat murder in the hope of proving his innocence.
  • Never Stop Dreaming: The Life and Legacy of Shimon Peres (2020) – A detailed look into the life of Nobel peace prize winner, Shimon Peres, the former prime minister of Israel.
  • The Half of It (2020) N – Teen romance – Ellie Chu is hired by a jock to write a love letter for the most popular girl in school, Aster. Ellie’s job becomes a little more complicated when she falls in love with Aster too.
  • Transformers: Cyberverse: Season 2 – Kids – New adventures with the transforming Autobots and Decepticons.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 3rd

  • Luccas Neto Em: Acampamento De Férias 2 (2020) – Brazilian Comedy – Luccas and his group of friends return to have fun at summer camp.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 5th

  • Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill (2020) N – Second stand-up comedy special

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 6th

  • Workin’ Moms: Season 4 N – The latest season of the comedy series from Canada.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 7th

  • Scissor Seven: Season 2 N – Anime series – A scissor wielding samurai seeks to recover his memories.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 8th

  • 18 Presents (2020) N – Drama – A mother with terminal cancer leaves behind 18 presents for her unborn daughter.
  • Chicho Bon Bon: Monkey with a Tool Belt (Season 1) N – Kids – A monkey mechanic help the people of Blunderberg.
  • Dead to Me: Season 2 N – Comedy-drama – A close friendship forms between tightly wound widow Jen Harding and free spirit Judy Hale who harbors a dark secret.
  • Restaurants on the Edge: Season 2 N – Reality TV – Food and restaurant experts travel the globe to help revive failing restaurants.
  • Rust Valley Restorers: Season 2 N – Reality TV – More car flipping with the experts from Canada.
  • The Eddy: Season 1 N – Musical Drama – A French club owner deals with the everyday chaos of running a live music venue in the heart of Paris.
  • The Hollow: Season 2 N – Animated drama – Waking up in a strange and dangerous world, three teen strangers must work together if they are to survive and return home.
  • Valeria: Season 1 N – Spanish drama – After hitting a dead-end in her marriage and career, Valeria finds solace in her friends.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 9th

  • Rogue Warfare (2019) – Action thriller – A group of the best military personnel from the U.S., Russia, UK, China and France join forces to fight an underground terrorist network.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 11th

  • Bordertown: Season 3 N – Drama – Finnish crime investigation series.
  • Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics (2020) N – Documentary – Celebrities share hilarious and mind-blowing tales via animation and reenactments.
  • Trial by Media: Season 1 N – Crime docuseries – The influence of media is explored in some of the most dramatic and high profile trials of all time.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 12th

  • True: Terrific Tales: Season 1 N – Children’s Animated Series
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Vs. the Reverand (2020) N – Interactive special – Kimmy comes face to face with the Reverend in a shocking climactic showdown decided by you.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 13th

  • Bittersweet (2010) – Egyptian Comedy
  • Dilan 1990 (2018) – Indonesian Romantic Drama
  • Schitt’s Creek: Season 6 – Comedy – When rich video-store magnate Johnny Rose and his family suddenly find themselves broke, they are forced to leave their pampered lives to regroup in Schitt’s Creek.
  • The Wrong Missy (2020) N – Comedy – After meeting the woman of his dreams, Tim invites her to his company’s corporate retreat, only to realize he sent the invite to the wrong person.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 14th

  • Aerials (2017) – Emirati sci-fi film
  • Learning Time with Timmy: Season 1 – Children’s Animated Series
  • Parasyte: The Maxim (Season 1) – Anime series about a 17-year-old infected by a parasite that consumes humans.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 15th

  • I Love You, Stupid (2020) N – Spanish Comedy
  • Inhuman Resources: Season 1 N – French comedy series
  • Pure as Snow (2019) – French Comedy
  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Season 5 N – Kids Animation – Princess Adora leads a rebellion against the tyrannical ruler Hardok.
  • The Unremarkable Juanquini: Season 1 N – Spanish comedy series
  • White Lines (Season 1) N –  The thriller new series from the creator of Money Heist.


What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 16th

  • El limited infinite (2019) – Documentary

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 18th

  • The Big Flower Fight: Season 1 N – Ten pairs of florists, sculptors and garden designers face off in a friendly floral fight to see who can build the biggest, boldest garden sculptures.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 19th

  • Patton Oswalt: I Love Everything (2020) N – Stand Up comedy special.
  • Sweet Magnolias: Season 1 N – Drama based on the book series of the same name.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 20th

  • Blood & Water: Season 1 N – South African drama
  • Mutiny of the Worker Bees (2020) N – Mexican comedy
  • Mystic Pop-up Bar: Season 1 N – Weekly episodes of a new fantasy K-Drama series.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 22nd

  • Control Z (Season 1) N – Spanish teen drama compared to Elite.
  • Harry and the Hendersons (1987) – Comedy – The Henderson family adopts a friendly Sasquatch.
  • History 101 (Season 1) N – British docu-series with bitesized chunks of history.
  • The Lovebirds (2020) N – Romantic comedy – A couple are embroiled in a murder mystery and must somehow clear their names.
  • Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series: Season 2 N – More animated shenanigans

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 23rd

  • Dynasty: Season 3 – The third season of The CW reboot of Dynasty.
  • Spelling the Dream (2020) N – Documentary – An in-depth look into the phenom of Indian American students that have dominated spelling bees since 1999.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 24th

  • Betaal: Season 1 N – Hindi zombie-horror
  • Justice League (2017) – American superhero drama that pits the greatest heroes of earth against the evil invading alien force of Steppenwolf.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 27th

  • Fan of Amoory (2018) – A story about a brave talented boy; his idol the famous football player “Amoory.”
  • Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich: Limited Series N – First-hand accounts from the survivors and victims of controversially convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.
  • The First Purge (2018) – Action Horror that takes you to the start of America’s most violent annual tradition, the Purge.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 28th

  • Dorohedoro: Season 1 N – Anime – The strong prey on the weak in the district known as “Hole”. Kaimon, a reptilian man, leads a hunt against those responsible for terrorizing the inhabitants of the district.
  • Queen of the South: Season 4 – Crime drama series

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on May 29th

  • Space Force: Season 1 N – Satirical comedy – Starring Steve Carrell, Space Force explores the sixth branch of the armed services and their duty to America in the final frontier.

What are you looking forward to watching on Netflix UK in May 2020? Let us know in the comments below!

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