What’s New on Netflix UK This Week: March 4th, 2022

There is 56 new movies & TV shows to be enjoyed on Netflix UK this week.

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whats new on netflix uk this week march 4th 2022

Million Dollar Baby (2004) is now available to stream on Netflix UK

A new start to the month means a whole heap of new movies and tv shows to the UK library. In total, subscribers can look forward to watching 56 new titles. Here’s what’s new on Netflix UK this week for March 4th, 2022.

First of all, here are the past week’s top highlights:

Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Director: Clint Eastwood
Genre: Drama, Sport | Runtime: 132 Minutes
Cast: Hilary Swank, Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Jay Baruchel, Mike Colter

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Million Dollar Baby earned four deserved academy awards. It won the awards for Best Motion Picture, Best Achievement in Directing along with two acting awards for Morgan Freeman and Hilary Swank in their respective categories.

Determined to become the best female boxer, talented athlete Maggie Fitzgerald seeks out grizzled veteran coach Frankie Dunn. Impressed by her talent and determination, Frankie agrees to train her.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Director: Michael Gondry
Genre: Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi | Runtime: 108 Minutes
Cast: Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, Tom Wilkinson, Kirsten Dunst, Elijah Wood

Charlie Kaufman won a well deserved Oscar for Best Writing for an Original Screenplay in the incredible, which starred Jim Carrey in one of the best performances of his careeer.

Joel is shocked to discover that his ex-girlfriend, Clementine, has undergone a procedure to erase him from her memory. Angry and upset, Joel decides to undergo the same procedure, but as Joel re-experiences the happier times he once has with Clementine, he realises he doesn’t want to forget her.

Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016)

Director: Sharon Maguire
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance | Runtime: 123 Minutes
Cast: Renee Zellwegger, Gemma Jones, Jim Broadbent, Colin Firth, Patrick Dempsey

The Bridget Jones movies were incredibly popular rom-coms from the early 2000s. Despite a 12 year gap between the second and third movie, it still managed to gross over $200 million worldwide.

Once again single, forty something Bridget has been focusing on her career and friends. But when Bridget meets dreamy mathimatician Jack, and reconnects with her ex Mark Darcy,  she winds up pregnant, and is unsure which man is the father of the baby


Here Are All of the Latest Additions to Netflix UK This Week

35 New Movies Added to Netflix UK This Week: March 4th, 2022

  • Against The Ice (2022) N
  • Alive (1993)
  • American Girl (2021)
  • Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016)
  • Cujo (1983)
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
  • Halloween: Resurrection (2002)
  • Hell on the Border (2019)
  • Her (2013)
  • Lies and Deceit (Season 1) N
  • Love Is Colorblind (2021)
  • Meet the Fockers (2004)
  • Meskina (2021) N
  • Million Dollar Baby (2004)
  • Muslum: Voice of Pain (2018)
  • My Wonderful Life (2022) N
  • Nightride (2022) N
  • Patriots Days (2016)
  • Paul (2011)
  • Save the Last Dance (2001)
  • Spider in the Web (2019)
  • Spider-Man 2 (2004)
  • The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill but Came Down a Mountain (1995)
  • The Expendables (2010)
  • The Expendables 2 (2012)
  • The Expendables 3 (2014)
  • The Great Raid (2005)
  • The Invisible (2022) N
  • The Master (2012)
  • The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure (2022) N
  • The Scapegoat (2012)
  • The Weekend Away (2021) N
  • Thee Humans (2021)
  • Three Days of the Condor (1975)
  • United (2011)

8 New TV Shows Added to Netflix UK This Week: March 4th, 2022

  • Business Proposal (Season 1) N
  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (Season 2) N
  • Loo Loo Kids: Johny & Friends Musical Adventures (Season 1)
  • Midnight at the Pera Palace (Season 1) N
  • Pieces of Her (Season 1) N
  • Power Rangers Dino Fury (Season 2)
  • Savage Rhythm (Season 1) N
  • The Guardians of Justiice (Season 1) N

4 New Reality Shows Added to Netflix UK This Week: March 4th, 2022

  • Celebrity Ex on the Beach (Season 1)
  • Geordie Shore (3 Seasons)
  • Making Fun (Season 1) N
  • The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties (Season 2) N

4 New Docuseries and Documentaries Added to Netflix UK This Week: March 4th, 2022

  • Three Identical Strangers (2018)
  • Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale (2022) N
  • Hitler’s Secret Sex Life (Season 1)
  • Worst Roommate Ever (Limited Series) N

2 New Stand Up Specials Added to Netflix UK This Week: March 4th, 2022

  • Chappelle’s Home Team – Earthquake: Legendary (2022) N
  • Whindersson Nunes: My Own Show! (2022) N

What are you looking forward to watching on Netflix UK this week? Let us know in the comments below!

What’s New on Netflix UK This Week: March 4th, 2022

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