What’s New on Netflix: December 27th, 2018

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At First Light now on Netflix

It’s time to recap the daily new releases on Netflix for December 27th. Hopefully, you’re still on your winter holidays and if that is the case, Netflix has a few additional treats today in preparation for a big drop of titles tomorrow.

We don’t usually do daily recaps of what’s new on Netflix but will until New Years as Netflix is releasing a lot more content than usual. This list only covers the United States with lists for Canada, the UK, and Australia on the way tomorrow.

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Only two new titles dropped on Netflix today but we’re also going to cover a title that dropped later on yesterday which you may have missed.

At First Light (2018)

Looking for a brand new sci-fi title? This movie directed by Jason Stone is a must-watch before Black Mirror drops tomorrow. The movie is about a girl who gains powers after a mysterious light project onto her. She and a friend go on the run from authorities.

The LA Times said that the movie was “engrossing” and that your ability to enjoy the movie will be “dependent on your willingness to go along for the ride and project your own questions”.

The Pianist (2002)

This delightful addition will be for anyone looking for an excellent biographical drama over the holidays. The story is of a Polish Jewish musician who must struggle during World War 2.

The Pianist won three Oscars and stars the incredibly talented Adrien Brody, Thomas Kretschmann, and Frank Finlay. This is a gut-wrenching biopic that shouldn’t be missed.

Backtrack (2015)

Also starring Adrien Brody is this new drama, Backtrack. The movie is also classed as a mystery thriller that’s a slightly different tone than The Pianist as we’ve talked about above.

The movie is about a psychologist who discovers a strange secret about his patients. The movie wasn’t a smash hit and longtime members of Netflix will remember Backtrack streaming in the past but it’s a welcome return.

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