What’s New on Netflix: December 30th, 2018

The Mysteries of Laura Season 1 now on Netflix

It’s Sunday which traditionally means not a lot of Netflix releases but that’s not the case today. Here are all the new releases on Netflix for December 31st, 2018 which includes one new documentary, two new movies, a collection of movies and an NBC series.

All throughout the holidays, we’re doing daily lists of the brand new titles that have hit Netflix going into a bit more depth as to why you should be watching each title. You can see more of what’s new on Netflix on our what’s new hub.

The Mysteries of Laura (Season 2)

Correction: Season 1 of the show was actually removed and season 2 remained but showed on our systems as new. Apologies for the mistake.

This Warner Brothers production ended up on NBC for two seasons before getting the plug pulled earlier this year. It stars Debra Messing, Josh Lucas, and Laz Alonso. Debra played the role of Laura, a stressed-out cop who has to deal with crimes during the day and taking care of her boys in the evening.

We’ll have a post up soon about why Netflix may have potentially picked up this dead NBC show plus we’ll also cover when you can expect to see the second season.


Anesthesia (2015)

A great ensemble cast makes this an excellent Sunday afternoon watch. It features Sam Waterson (Grace & Frankie), Tim Blake Nelson (The Ballad of Buster Scruggs and also wrote and directed this movie), Kristen Stewart (Twilight) and Jessica Hecht.

It’s about a professor who is attacked on a street in New York City and how the events changed a series of lives. Reviews for the movie were mixed when it released back at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2015.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016)

Critically-acclaimed modern horror movies are hard to come by which is why this addition is such a rare event. The Autopsy of Jane Doe tells the story of a father-son team who are coroners in a small town. They get a new case in and it’s unlike anything they’ve had before.

After Porn Ends 3 (2018)

After Porn Ends has been an ongoing documentary series (not produced by Netflix) that explores what happens to adult entertainers after their careers come to an end. The third movie only just released so its addition to Netflix is very quick indeed.

The addition of the third in the documentary series means that Netflix is now the best place to watch these titles as it also currently streams the first and second documentary.

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