What’s New on Netflix: July 24th, 2019

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The Great Hack – Picture: Netflix

Welcome to your recap of what’s on Netflix where we’ll be covering what’s new for July 24th plus we’ll cover the two additions from yesterday as well. There’s also a good few removals from Netflix over the past couple of days which we’ll take you through as well. 

If none of today’s new Netflix releases don’t appeal to you, be sure to check out our look at what’s hot on Netflix this week.

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The Great Hack (2019)

Genre: Documentary
Director: Karim Amer, Jehane Noujaim
Cast: Steve Bannon, Jamie Bartlett, Carole Cadwalladr, David Carroll
Runtime: 113 min

On the day of the Mueller testimony in congress, Netflix is releasing their documentary that covers the hacking scandal that took place in 2016. It’s a wide-ranging documentary that’s a little hard to follow if you’re not fully up-to-date on current affairs. Essentially, however, it takes aim at social networks who enabled the use of foreign interference specifically pertaining to the 2016 US election and the 2016 UK/EU referendum.

Eurovision Song Contest (Season 1)

Genre: Game-Show, Music
Cast: Yolanthe Cabau, Sieneke

Netflix yesterday announced it would be streaming the Eurovision contest in the US moving forward. That started yesterday with the 2019 Eurovision song contest being added to Netflix.

For those uninitiated with the format, it essentially is the world cup of singing. Each country in Europe (and some other countries in the world such as Israel and Australia, don’t ask) submits a song to the contest and then on the live event, countries vote for their favorite act. The winner then gets to hold the event next year.

The Competition (2018)

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Director: Harvey Lowry
Cast: Thora Birch, Chris Klein, Claire Coffee, David Blue
Runtime: 103 min

Arriving on Netflix yesterday is the 2018 rom-com featuring American Pie’s Chris Klein. It’s about a woman who lives her life by ending romantic relationships every six months in order to avoid disappointment and heartache. She gets into a friendly competition with a friend who bets that spouses would be seduced by another woman six months after a relationship starts.

It’s got bad reviews from critics and viewers alike but makes for a good flick to switch your brain off to.


What’s Left Netflix Today (July 24th)

  • An Education
  • Fake or Fortune?
  • Loins of Punjab
  • Monty Don’s French Gardens
  • Monty Don’s Italian Gardens
  • Scam City

Tomorrow, two new Netflix Original series arrives with the debut of the new sci-fi series Another Life and the second season of the Canadian comedy import Workin’ Moms. There’s plenty else to look forward this week too.

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