What’s New on Netflix: July 3rd, 2019

The Last Czars season 1 now on Netflix

It’s the calm before the storm at Netflix today as all eyes look forward to tomorrow’s colossal addition of Stranger Things 3. That’s not to say Netflix doesn’t have some new content to tide you over. Here’s what’s new on Netflix and what’s left for July 3rd, 2019. 

We’ll be back tomorrow for your daily release lineup although it’s looking pretty dry outside the release of Stranger Things season 3. If you’re wondering what time you need to stay up to, we’ve got a handy guide on when the series is landing each region.

New Releases on Netflix (July 3rd)

The Last Czars (Season 1) Netflix Original

Genre: Documentary
Cast: Ben Cartwright, Robert Jack, Susanna Herbert, Oliver Dimsdale

This unique title blends two genres together for an in-depth look into the final days of the rich Russian family that collapsed once a revolution took place in the country.

It’s a British production with some great reviews already piling in for the show. For whatever reason though, Netflix has done an awful job at promoting this show but it’s well worth a look in.


Yummy Mummies (Season 2)

Genre: Reality-TV
Cast: Lorinska Merrington, Jane Scandizzo, Rachel Watts, Maria DiGeronimo

This one comes with an extreme warning. There’s a very particular type of audience for this show as the first season demonstrated and it’s very much a love or absolutely hate it a relationship.

The second season continues to be filmed down under following the pregnancies of rich mothers living the life of Riley.

Designated Survivor: 60 Days (Episodes 1 & 2)

The Korean spin-off to the new Netflix Original Designated Survivor is here. The first two episodes have arrived this week with new episodes coming out every week until the end of July 2019. Its release schedule is not in a traditional format so refer to our season 1 guide for more information.

The series sees a similar set-up to its American counterpart where a government minister finds himself the leader of the country after an attack takes place.

Good Witch (Season 4)

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Cast: Kylee Evans, Catherine Bell, Rhys Matthew Bond, Bailee Madison
Runtime: 48 min

The fourth season of the Hallmark drama series came to Netflix yesterday with all new episodes. The good news is that more episodes were announced today for the future.

What Left Netflix Today (July 3rd)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tells No Tales left Netflix today meaning that Netflix no longer has any Pirates of the Caribbean movies left in the US. Don’t forget Cars 3 is removed later this month.

Knights of Sidonia season 2 left Netflix today although both seasons were scheduled for removal. We’ll keep a close eye on this title as the show is a Netflix Original.

  • Abandoned
  • Diamond Cartel
  • extraordinary: the stan romanek story

What are you watching on Netflix today? Let us know in the comments.

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