What’s on Netflix: January 30th, 2019

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The Incredibles 2 now on Netflix – Copyright Disney

Only a small selection of titles available today but we have one Incredibly big one. Today is the last of the Pixar films to arrive on Netflix, as Netflix’s deal with Disney begins drawing to a close. Here’s what’s new on Netflix for January 30th, 2019.

This week has been a stand out week for Netflix with the release of Incredibles 2 today and Ant-Man & The Wasp debuting on the 29th of January. Not to mention there’s going to be a whole heap of brand new shows and movies arriving this Friday on the 1st of February.

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The Incredibles 2 (2018) Disney Exclusive

Genre: Family, Animated, Superhero
Runtime: 118 Minutes
IMDb Score: 7.8/10

After 14 years we finally received one of the most highly anticipated sequels in Pixar history. The Incredibles 2 debuted in theatres worldwide in June of 2018, and safe to say it smashed its way to the top of the box office.

In the aftermath of the Underminers crime, the Incredibles are recruited by a benefactor that wishes for the return of the supers. When Helen ‘Elastigirl’ Parr is chosen to lead the return of Supers into society Bob ‘Mr. Incredible’ Parr must learn how to be a stay at home dad. It’s not long before a new threat arises that could stop the peace between Supers and normal society. It’s up to the Incredibles to save the day once again.

Swiss Army Man (2016)

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Indie
Runtime: 97 Minutes
IMDb Score: 7.0/10

One of the weirdest Indie films of 2016 saw Daniel Radcliffe spend the entire movie portraying a dead man. An especially flatulent dead man that is.

When Hank is stranded on a deserted island he loses all hope and attempt to commit suicide. That is until he sees a man wash upon the shore. Sadly the man had already died, and also very flatulent. Using the power of the dead man’s gassy body, Hank is able to reach the mainland. But when he arrives he is lost in the wilderness and decides to take Manny along with him on the adventure.

The Long Shots (2008)

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Biography
Runtime: 94 Minutes
IMDb Score: 5.2/10

Based on the true story of Jasmine Plummer, at only the age of Eleven becomes the very first female athlete to play in the Pop Warner football tournament. Coached by her uncle Curtis Plummer, she is the ultimate secret weapon of her team.

Also New on Netflix Today

  • Maharaja: The Story of Rnajit Singh (2010)
  • Sat Sri Akal (2008)
  • Virsa (2010)

Last Day to Watch

  • 45 Years (2015)
  • After the Reality (2016)
  • Check Point (2017)
  • Curse of the Man Who Sees UFOs (2016)
  • The Devil Is a Part-Timer! – 1 Season (2013)
  • Ghost Pain (2013)
  • Ghost Tears (2014)
  • Ghost Whispers (2013)
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