‘Peppa Pig’ No Longer Scheduled to Leave Netflix UK in March 2021

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five seasons of peppa pig is scheduled to leave netflix uk in march 2021

Since the original posting of this story, Netflix UK has updated us to say that Peppa Pig will be staying on Netflix for the foreseeable future.

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Mornings before pre-school may never be the same again on Netflix in the UK as all five seasons of Peppa Pig are currently scheduled to leave Netflix UK in March 2021.

As children’s animated series go, none may have been more popular in the past twenty years than Peppa Pig. The series has been a global phenomenon for children and has become a regular fixture in households in over 180 countries.

Since 2015, episodes of Peppa Pig have been available to stream on Netflix UK. It was only recently (April 2019) that five seasons of the series have been available to stream.

When is Peppa Pig scheduled to leave Netflix UK?

Thanks to newonnetflix we learned that Peppa Pig is currently scheduled to leave Netflix UK on March 31st, 2021.

This is backed up further by the official Netflix app, which currently lists its last day to watch as March 31st.

five seasons of peppa pig is scheduled to leave netflix uk in march 2021 netflix app

Where will Peppa Pig be available to stream next?

Netflix isn’t the only streaming home for Peppa Pig. You can catch fewer seasons of the children’s series on NowTV, whereas Sky TV subscribers have access to all eight seasons and all 316 episodes.

Why is Peppa Pig scheduled to leave Netflix?

Peppa Pig has been available to stream on Netflix UK since April 1st, 2015. Over the years seasons were added and removed before finally in April 2019, the number of seasons available was bumped up to five.

It has been two years since the fourth and fifth seasons were added which means the license that Netflix UK had for Peppa Pig is coming to an end.

Will Peppa Pig return to Netflix UK?

We categorically can’t confirm or deny whether Peppa Pig will make a return to the UK library, but we can speculate.

This isn’t the first time Peppa Pig has been scheduled to leave Netflix, and when the series was previously scheduled to leave it was promptly renewed.

Will your children be sad to see Peppa Pig leave Netflix UK? Let us know in the comments below!

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