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Your source for everything coming to Netflix in March and April 2018 and beyond. This is the guide to upcoming new movies and new TV series coming to Netflix in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

Every month we produce two articles where we look at what’s heading to the service the following month. The first typically added at the beginning of the month, is where we list the new Netflix Originals coming in the month ahead. Whether it’s new original series, original movies, or original stand-up, we’ll cover it. Later in the month, we then list the official preview of the month to come including all the movies, TV series and Netflix Originals.

We also do regular previews of the Marvel, Disney, DreamWorks and The CW and other networks lineups for Netflix in the future.

When is the next season of my show coming to Netflix?

If you’re looking for a specific show, use search at the top where we tend to cover when new seasons of shows drop. So, for example, if you’re looking for Strange Things 3, search for that where we cover the release date and news.

How do I find out what’s new on Netflix today?

You’ll want to head over to our what’s new on Netflix section where we cover new releases on a daily basis plus pick out the top picks from the week too in various regions.

How do I get my show added to Netflix?

Netflix listens to fans on social media and uses data to figure out what to add to Netflix. If you’d like to make a direct suggestion, they offer a utility on their help website to suggest TV shows or movies.

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What’s Coming to Netflix: April 2018

It’s time to look at all the of new movies and new TV series coming to Netflix in the US in April 2018. This month’s highlights include Despicable Me 3, Scarface, Lost in Space, Joel McHale, and The Iron Giant. Once again, the list below …

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Coming Soon to Netflix: Spring 2018

Spring is finally here and Netflix has plenty of new movies and TV shows to keep you occupied over the coming months. Below, we’ll preview everything we know that’s coming to Netflix from the Netflix Original lineup plus for those in the …

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What’s Coming to Netflix: March 2018

It’s time to look at all the movies, documentaries and TV series coming to Netflix US in March 2018. Here you’ll find the best new titles coming plus the complete list too. As you may notice below, this is one of the most Netflix Original…

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Netflix Original Anime Coming in 2018

Netflix will be bringing the heat this year when it comes to Netflix Original anime with lots of new and returning anime series and movies. We’ve got the full preview of every anime title coming to Netflix across the world below plus we’l…

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Disney Movies Coming to Netflix in 2018

2018 will bring with it at least six brand new theatrical Disney movies throughout the year. We’ll see some of the theatrical releases from 2017 bleed into 2018 as well as plenty of 2018 releases come to Netflix too.  This will likely be the la…

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AMC Series Coming to Netflix in 2018

AMC has a great library of titles on Netflix and many of those titles will be getting season updates throughout 2018. We’ve got the complete list of titles coming to Netflix which doesn’t include any new deals struck with upcoming series …

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What’s Coming to Netflix: February 2018

All the new movies and TV series coming to Netflix in February 2018 are here. Below, we’ll take a look at the best new titles coming to Netflix throughout February including the likes of American Pie, Kill Bill, Goodfellas and the Ocean’s…

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